Ideals Expressed in Universal Declaration of Human Rights are Irrepressible

U.S. Permanent Representative to the United Nations Ambassador Susan E. Rice today ideals expressed in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights are irrepressible.

In her remarks on Human Rights Day, Ms. Rice said the United States reaffirms its commitment to a 63-year-old declaration that the world’s people are “equal in dignity and rights-words that have been fought for through the generations by heroes and heroines of every nationality, culture and creed.

“2011 is a year that will be remembered as a touchstone in humanity’s long struggle for dignity. Shouts for freedom in Tunisia and Egypt reverberated throughout the region and inspired every corner of the globe. Threats and abuses in Libya drew resistance from the country’s brave citizens and isolation abroad. In Cote d’Ivoire, a crisis ended and a legitimately elected president took power.” -Ms. Rice

On the eve of Human Rights Day 2011, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navanethem Pillay (left) briefs correspondents on the state of human rights in the world and the successful campaigns and events organized to commemorate the Day. On right is Martin Nesirky, Spokesperson for the SecretaryGeneral. UN Photo/JC McIlwaine

She stressed that justice in the struggle for human rights does not come easily. She said under repressive regimes in Syria, Iran, and North Korea, far too many people remain unable to enjoy their basic, universal human rights. Activists and journalists, living examples of humanity’s deep longing to assemble and speak the truth, still face kidnapping, torture, or murder.

“Too many people endure discrimination on the basis of their sexual orientation or gender identity, tearing at our common humanity. Too many innocents are consigned by traffickers to terrifying lives of bonded labor.” -Ms. Rice

She emphasized that the United States will always stand firmly behind the principles underlined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

“We will continue to choose engagement over isolation by participating in UN bodies in Geneva and New York. We will continue to speak out for those whose rights are threatened.” -Ms. Rice

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