Folsom Historic District Pot Luck, Saturday at Historic Powerhouse


The Folsom Historic District neighborhood potluck is to be held on Saturday May 31st from 4:00 to 8:00pm at the Historic Powerhouse, by the Rainbow Bridge.

Everyone is invited. Bring any dish you like to the alcohol-free gathering for all ages: families, singles, seniors and kids.

There are door prizes and raffle tickets. Kathryn Corbett told FolsomLocalNews, “Prizes include theater tickets, spa treatments, snooks candy, gift dinners on Sutter Street, a Matisse print and much more. Beverages provided include coffee, tea, lemonade and soda. Thanks to the local businesses for supporting this event.”

There will be a special Powerhouse tour and presentation from 4 to 5pm.

The new vistors center and the gift shop will both remain open from 4 to 5pm, possibly later.

Directons from Folsom going towards Rainbow Bridge:

Just before crossing the Rainbow Bridge going out of town, the Folsom Historic Powerhouse is on the left hand side. You can either turn left into the parking lot (if possible) or turn right at the Scott Street light and park on Scott Street or in the parking lot on the right. It is a short walk to the Powerhouse – cross Riley Street at the light. There will be rides for food and those who would like a ride to the picnic table area after arrival.

Directions after crossing Rainbow Bridge into town:

Driving from Greenback Lane which becomes Riley Street, cross the Rainbow Bridge and turn right into the Historic Powerhouse parking lot, just before the first light at Scott Street. Look for the sign that says “Folsom Historic Powerhouse”.

Please be aware that there is marked handicap parking in the Scott Street lot on the left side – turn left at the light, then right into the parking lot. The walk back to the Powerhouse is one block.

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