Emily’s Gets a Facelift: The Change Begins

Emily’s Antique Corner at 732 Sutter Street in Folsom has been a longtime fixture, selling many types of Antiques. The shop’s bright, cheery face is getting an uplift this week.

Candy Miller, a long-time property owner in Folsom, referred to this change in October 2007, in the story:

Folsom Streetscape Concept Passes Council

Last week, the contractors, Dean A Davis Construction removed the old shed roof, that was erected in the early 1960s and began cleanup work on the facade. The removal included squaring off the timber still attached to the Williams Carriage House, next door. The old shed roof had caused some damage to the brickwork of the building, where the backboards were affixed. The tops of the window arches were showing definite signs of deterioration.

The building actually looks very nice without an awning, but of course, that would mean no protection on the sidewalk, from the rain or sun.

The replacement roof will be the same height at the back, but with a much gentler slope, allowing water runoff, but a better feeling of space and light.

Holes were drilled into the bricks, to secure the new structure and a more substantial backboard affixed. The holes were backfilled to prevent movement and water seepage.

Over just a few days, the changes have been very interesting, with many people stopping to look to see what is happening.

The work will take a few weeks to complete and the plans show it will be a beautiful and functional historic improvement.

Congratulations to Emily’s on being the first to replace the ageing shed roof and retain the wonderful historic character of Sutter Street. Thanks are also due to Dean A Davis constructions, doing quality work in Folsom over many years.

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