Easiest Way To Use Calling Cards

Contacting your loved ones or even your business colleagues abroad has never been easy. Taking a step back, one would have to think twice before making a call to someone who is in another state due to the extremely high calling charges. As such, people would prefer writing emails whose downside is the fact that often it filters all the emotion meant to be passed. Some information is better passed on by word of mouth than written, and that is where calling cards come in.

NobelCom prepaid phone cards may be used both domestically and internationally for making phone calls. This magic card now makes it possible for anyone who is abroad to contact his family back home at a small fee regularly. Their usage may seem straightforward, but they can be a bit complex to use. And that is why we shall take you through the easiest way to use these cards. In addition to that, we shall give you a few tips and tricks to make the experience easier.

  1. Buy The Card

Buying a calling card goes beyond purchasing a card at any vendor. You want to buy a card that has the talk time you require and one that offers the best rates. You may be able to get such cards at convenience stores and also through the internet. Cards bought in stores need to be activated by the vendor while the ones bought online will send you an access number and a unique pin via email.

  1. Dial The Access Number

After purchasing the card and you have confirmed its talk time, you are now ready to place your phone call. First, you will input the access number that is indicated on the card. Most often, this number is a toll-free number or a local access number that you should dial to get connected.

  1. Dial The Pin

Immediately after dialing the access number, you will be prompted to dial the pin. On a physical card, it is usually found right below the access number or on the receipt. If bought online, then it will be indicated right after the access number.

  1. Dial Your Destination Number

So right after inputting the pin digits, the next step is that you dial the number that you wish to call. Right before your call is connected, you will be prompted on the number of minutes you have for your phone call. And when your call is connected, you can now talk to the other person for as long as you wish, depending on how many calling minutes you have.

Important Details To Confirm

Before buying a card, be sure to pay attention to the card details besides talk time. The additional information you should take into consideration include;

  1. The cards validity or expiry date- Be sure to read on the card’s disclaimer information; if any, to avoid inconveniences after purchase. Ensure that you check the validity of the card by confirming its expiry date. This will, in turn, help you to clear the calling cards minutes before the card expires. Also, check the region as to which the card can be used; this is because some cards tend to be valid within specific areas. As such, ensure that the card you choose covers the regions that you will be making your calls to.
  2. Check for any hidden fees the card may hold. Some cards charge for connection, post-calling, dialing and even weekly maintenance. If this information is overlooked, most of your data might end up being used up for these fees even before you make your phone call.
  3. Compare calling rates to different regions. By checking this information, you get to choose a card that is well suited for you . However, the rates should not be the only determining factor when choosing either the prepaid calling cards or international calling cards. Remember, lowest rates do not necessarily mean that the card is the best choice, and neither do high rates. As such, consider the calling rates alongside other factors such as additional charges and network stability to mention a few.
  4. Last but not least you need to check the recharging options for the calling cards. Ensure that you are able to recharge either online or through the mobile phone menu. If you encounter any difficulty when recharging, feel free to call the card company directly and ask for assistance. Beware of recharge fees too, which are not uncommon.
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