Critics Call Allah Painting ‘The Devil’

In late 2014, controversial author and now branded cannabis cult leader, Prophet – King Nazir Muhammad, released his depiction of the god Allah.

At the time, the depiction stirred up controversy. That wasn’t the end of it though. The painting has been stirring up more than controversy since then.

It must be noted that Muhammad’s depiction is not meant to be associated with the Muslim god of the same name. King Muhammad refers to the name Allah as an acronym that stands for Arm, Leg, Leg, Arm, Head.

This seemingly strange sequence of words (strange to the uninitiated), is taken from the teachings of The Nation of Gods and Earth which some call a “Jailhouse Religion.”

A Religion of Controversy it Seems

depiction of ALLAH.
The depiction of ALLAH that has been called a devil.

Since the release of this depiction of Allah, the religion’s website The Temple of Good Luck has been swamped with critical claims that the portrait is actually a depiction of “The Devil.”

Consequently, since Muhammad sprang into the public eye, he has been called a Fraud, a Crook, a Con Artist and now a “devil worshipper.”

Most recently, an unknown woman from Michigan who purchased the painting claims that her home became “haunted” by the figure in the portrait. When the portrait was released, Muhammad called the depiction a “Murti.” And for those who do not know, a Murti is a Hindu word which means an object that has the ability to house the spirit of the image it represents.

Is Allah Good or Evil?

With that being said, could the claims of the Michigan woman actually be true? Could this painting actually have the ability to conjure up the spirit of Allah? I will have to leave that answer up to the professionals in the field of the paranormal. – Somebody call the Ghostbusters!

When asked about these claims, Muhammad said, “I do believe that this painting has supernatural powers, but it was meant to act as a scarecrow, to drive away evil, not to bring it in.”

For those interested in knowing more about this eerie new religion, which is estimated to have anywhere from 20 to 100,000 members worldwide, you can Follow Prophet Muhammad online at @kingmuhammad1

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