It Can Save a Life: Safety on the Roads

Concerned about fellow motorists while driving around town or on that multi-state road trip? There is good reason for that concern. With the advent of mobile technology, our roads have become more dangerous.

This article is not intended to add, or create, any unnecessary fear to the reader. The only aim here is to inform so the reader can make better decisions moving forward. Knowledge is power.

A look will be taken at a recent rule that has been put in place to make our roads safer. Then, a specific state will be looked at from a statistical viewpoint. The conclusion will give the reader an idea of what to do in case they are involved in an accident in which they are not at fault.

Mobile Phone Restrictions

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has initiated a rule that restricts the use of mobile devices (hand-held) by commercial motor vehicle drivers. The dangers of distracted driving should be self-evident to each of us, yet daily those of us on the roads see blatant disregard for the safety of others.

With this new restriction, the drivers of the largest and heaviest vehicles on our roads today will be held to a higher safety standard. This will make travelling safer. Hopefully, each motorist will do their part and put their phones down while driving. That text, call, social media post, can wait. It is selfish to put others lives at risk for our own pleasure.

Texas Road Safety

Unfortunately, Texas saw an increase in motor vehicle traffic fatalities from 2015 to 2016 (please note that 2017 data was not available yet at the time of this writing). The percentage increase was 5.45.

Numerous theories try to explain why many states continue to see increases in serious traffic accidents. For a couple decades now, lawmakers have consistently strengthened the penalties for impaired driving, as it relates to alcohol and drugs.

Many people believe, with good reason, that distracted driving plays a pivotal role in these continued high numbers in serious traffic accidents. However, what many people fail to recognize is that distracted driving can come from all the new gadgets in newer vehicles; such as satellite radios, the large quantities of options on the steering wheel and dash, to name a few.

Legal Help

The delusion that any of us motorist are immune from the possibility of being involved in a serious accident is prevalent from border to border. Unfortunately, those who think this way are often left with little to no resources if it happens.

Lets stay with the theme and in the state of Texas. According to a San Antonio trucking accident attorney, federal regulations state that a truck driver is not allowed to drive more than 14 straight hours in a day.

While all of us would like to think that each truck driver, and manager of these companies, adheres to this regulation, that would be foolish. Truth is, each trucking company is a for-profit operation. Some will push the boundaries to earn that profit.

Hence, if you are involved in an accident with a truck driver, securing legal counsel is often necessary to assist with the compensation that is due. The damage that can come to a person’s life who is on the receiving end of an accident with a semi can be life-changing. Don’t try to rely just on your insurance company, seek legal help so you don’t end up in financial ruin.

We have come a long way as a society as it pertains to motorist safety. Yet, plenty of room for improvement exists.

Melissa Thompson
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