Californian Wildfires Are Burning Out The Country’s Firefighters

The historic wildfires currently raging across California and much of the Pacific Northwest are burning out the country’s firefighters at an unprecedented rate, and even such measures as extra over-time payments aren’t enough to keep them going. Despite the round-the-clock fight by law enforcement officials, volunteering locals, and even foreign allies who have come to the aid of Californian firefighters, the raging flames continue to grow and are forcing thousands to mull evacuation.

Truly record-breaking heat waves

One of the reasons that California continues to face an unprecedented level of raging wildfires and suburban infernos is that we’re experience record-breaking heat waves across the globe. As a result of this, firefighters in California are being pushed to the brink, with many finding themselves incapable of going on after exhausting themselves fighting the flames for long hours with few breaks. Californian cities and counties have begun budgeting extra money for firefighting purposes, but thus far the fires have raged on across the Western seaboard.

According to The Fresno Bee, local budgets are joining firefighters in being pushed to the limit. The Bee reports that cities and counties across California have spent a mammoth $3.7 billion collectively on overtime last year alone, a 60 percent increase since 2012, including money from title loans in California. Still, Californian firefighters aren’t looking for extra cash to pad their pockets before fighting flames, but instead are being pushed to their physical limits by the sheer number of blazes currently growing in size and scope across the state despite funding increases.

The extent of the damage caused by these wildfires is still unknown, but already the financial costs and the damage being done to human lives has spiraled out of control. According to NBC News, some 20,000 people south of Los Angeles have been evacuated, and more may be forced to move in the future as firefighters try in vain to stymie the flame’s ceaseless encroachment on their homes.

Wildfires and uncontrolled blazes have grown so fierce across the United States that foreign allies and partners are rushing to offer whatever help they can. Reporting from The Sacramento Bee indicates that nearly 150 specialists from Australia and New Zealand have been dispatched to the states to help dampen the roaring infernos setting North America ablaze. As local firefighters continue to find themselves burned out from the flames, the country may have to turn to foreign volunteers more and more to extinguish its domestic fires.