A Look At Funky Fashion

Funky Fashion has gone from the bold look of the 90s to glow-sticks, photon lights and jewelry. There’s all kinds of clothing to give you the Funky Fashion look.

Funky Fashion can be added to an out-fit without destroying your budget.

Animal prints can add a new look to your out-dated wardrobe. A zebra top will update last year’s capris. Slide into a pair of comfortable sandals/shoes, and you’re ready.

Animal print dresses/skirts with solid colored tops works. A jacket can be worn with the outfit.

Arrange, mix-and-match, tops/dresses and skirts to your taste. Pants go well with animal prints.

Avoid wearing an animal print bottom and top unless it’s a set.

The layered look is hot. The more necklaces, the better. Add several bracelets. The jewelry will give a dress, skirt/top, a whole new look.

If you ready want to go Funky Fashion, polish each fingernail a different color.

A trip to your beauty supply store for hair color will finish your new look. Anyone can wear Funky Fashion without looking “weird.” Simply, dress how you would normally. The key is to have fun with it.