7 Innovative Trends For Home Interior Designs

Staying updated on the latest home interior design trends can be exciting. With several eye-catching new design ideas these days, you can aim for the better use of your space and improve the quality of your life through decoration and design.

If you’re a décor lover searching for tips, here are some innovative trends for home interior designs that are popular this year.

  1. Decorative ceilings

If you want to feel intimate, especially in your bedroom and dining spaces, decorative ceilings can be an innovative way to create a “wow” moment. Since the ceiling has been ignored for so long in terms of interior designs, it’s time to take advantage of its aesthetic value.

You can use wallpapers, moldings, or bold paint colors to add a pop of visual interests. When you’re painting, you can cover your ceiling with the base color or use an accent color instead to make a strong statement.
Below are beautiful ceiling inspirations that adds interest to your ceiling:

  • Stained plywood slat ceiling
  • Wallpapered ceiling
  • Decorative ceiling tiles
  • Painted ceiling border design

If you want to design a simple finishing component for your decorative ceiling, you can check this page for more information.

  1. Painted floor tiles

Getting your floor tiles painted can have an instant impact on your home. As an affordable home upgrade, you can transform your space into a refreshing place to live in after a long tiring day.

Here are some essential benefits of having painted floor tiles as an innovative home interior design trend:

  • Painting can be a less-messy home improvement option as no tiles will be removed or re-applied all over again.
  • Avoid damaging the drywall below the tiles, making it as a less-costly interior design idea to consider.
  • You can be creative because you can use any patterns that you want, with unique and more personalized designs.
  1. Multi-functional spaces

Nowadays, people continue to adopt the “less is more attitude.” Thus, it’s always a good idea to use multi-functional spaces as a great home interior design. Consider adding some multi-spaces into your home.

For example, you can combine a dining room area with a kitchen or create convertible bedrooms using fold-down beds. No matter what you choose, the key is to think outside of the box about functionality and look for ways to boost your home’s value.

  1. Big plants

If you want a perfect home interior design, big, bold plants may be what you’re looking for. Whether it’s a dragon tree or any palm tree, the addition of these plants can make attractive statements everywhere in your home.

For example, you can decorate your couch with one on each side to create a natural, homey atmosphere for your home. However, bringing nature into your space requires you to not rely purely on aesthetics. Before adding big houseplants, know how much water and sunlight they need to ensure they’ll flourish wherever they’re placed in your home.

  1. Modern wall lamps and sconces

These home upgrade can give your living room a traditional, yet modern spirit to your interior lighting. Far from old-fashioned lamps and other light fixtures, using these attached to the wall with bold patterns and finishes, and huge swing arms can reduce the amount of space you may take up for a piece of tabletop.

Also, using these smartly-designed living room updates in your home comes with several benefits:

  • Wall lamps and sconces are available in a wide variety of styles, themes, styles, and colors. Plus, these upgrades can easily suit to any home decor as they can be attached to pilasters, drywall, or paneling.
  • Having these modern light fixtures can set the mood of your dining room and bedroom. The light that comes from them can create an ambiance of festivity and can highlight any piece of artwork for small spaces.
  • Using wall lamps and sconces can lower your energy costs.
  1. Bold colors

Bring bold colors into your home to create balance. If you want some excitement in your space, think about deep red, navy blue, and burnt orange. However, it’s important to make sure you partner it with a neutral one like white or gray. Plus, you can make use of it as an accent or a statement piece.

  1. Curves and smooth edges in furniture

Another innovative home interior design trend is the use of curves and smooth edges in your furniture designs. Whether you’re using a puffy chair or curved coffee tables, this home upgrade can provide full comfort and elegance.

If you’re tired of using rectangular and square furniture with straight lines, you can move toward smooth fabrics and round-shaped furniture to create a more relaxing feel and look for your home.


Follow these innovative home interior design trends to advocate creativity and spontaneity. Interior design is more than just having the perfect home décor, but it’s also about understanding how important it is to come up with a comfortable and homey feeling for your home. So, be your own home decorator and design your home in a way that it reflects your personal style.

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