3 Steps to Sell Your Home Faster in 2015

Selling your home isn’t a piece of cake, especially if you’re currently undergoing a difficult situation in your life such as divorce, debt, or job loss that’s forcing you to all of a sudden sell your house. When you’re forced to sell the house you’ve lived in for a long time, it’s normal for sadness to set in and to be bombarded with overwhelming feelings.

But you have to face reality before you can ever dream of moving forward to a better place and time. Before listing your house for sale, here a couple of tips that you should keep in mind in order for everything to go as smoothly (and quickly) as possible

Kerb Appeal

It’s extremely important how your house appears from the kerb. First impressions are everything. Potential buyers will take an interest in your property if it has fresh paint, the garden is manicured and yard is maintained, as your house will look inviting from the outside.

A bad looking house from the outside makes buyers believe that the interior is the same and not cared for, too. They’ll just move on to the next house on the list. A first impression that falls into the category of ugly will make it very difficult for you to sell your house.

And don’t think creating amazing kerb appeal has to be tedious or expensive. Here are a few ways to instantly add kerb appeal for less than $100, courtesy of DIY Network.

Clean up & Organize


Clutter is something that prospective buyers don’t want to see, as this can be very distracting. It makes it difficult for them to picture themselves living in your house. Aspects of a home that could entice someone to buy it can be hidden when there is a mess present.

Tuck away knickknacks and family photos and keep your home tidy when you’re selling it. Clear as much space as you can around the house. Clean off every counter and other surfaces as well. Even the blender and toaster should be put away when you are going to show your home to potential buyers

Fresh Air

If you have pets or you smoke, your home will more than likely have an odor. Although you might not notice it, some potential buyers might be turned off by that

You’ll more than likely need to utilize a steam cleaner or special solution in order to remove pet urine smells from carpets. When it comes to rugs, you’ll more than likely have to buy new ones. For flooring, vinegar will work. If you have a litter box, while showing your home, change it daily

Try to smoke outside as much as you can if you’re a smoker. For a great percentage of nonsmokers, the smell of smoke can be very awful, as they are sensitive to it. If the smell of smoke is present in your home, many potential buyers will want to do a 360 the moment they walk in

Wash the walls of your home. If you’ve been lighting up for years inside the house, you should wash with with a vinegar solution. Don’t forget the shades, curtains and anything else that might collect the resin and tar from the smoke

Try baking soda for any unwanted smells. Sprinkle it on the carpets, furniture, and anywhere else in the house. Let it sit for one day and then vacuum it all up. It’s important to note that you might have to do this a couple of times

Last but not least, make sure to list your house for sale in the adequate moment. The best time to list houses for sale is, traditionally, in mid-March. If your area is still cold in mid-March, push it until mid-April.

According to Spencer Rascoff, the internet has made this a little trickier. He says when a buyer starts looking online, they haven’t really made a decision on their purchase yet. He suggests to watch listings for your area on the internet and to list yours a few weeks after you see the number of listings start to soar.

Beware: If you just can’t seem to sell your house quickly enough, you might be tempted to turn to drastic measures. There are people, investors and “companies” out there just waiting to take advantage of your situation. They’ll gladly pay you for your house, but not nearly as much as you should be paid for it, says Florida’s NeedtoSellMyHouseFast.com

Veronica Davis is a former Marine, now a mom of two boys who has found a passion for freelance writing. She loves cooking and rarely misses something in the food industry, but she also enjoys writing about business, home and anything interesting.