War Against Iraq Comes With a Price

An end for the American-led war in Iraq.

It seems like yesterday we launched a massive attack on the alleged dictator responsible for the bombing of the World Trade Center.

Yes, I too recall being misinformed about why we went to war against Iraq. I’m sure I’m not alone when I say this. There were some prominent headlines and news broadcast ten years ago which I cannot forget.

On October 7, 2001 we launched an attack on Afghanistan.

“Support the War” was changed to “Support the troops.”

“Those responsible for knocking these buildings down will hear from all of us real soon…” – George Bush

A war was launched to attack the terrorist who attack us on American soil.

On May 2003, the US changed course. They have the presumption that a dangerous terrorist was hiding in Iraq and was funded by Saddam Hussein.

The war was then called Operation Iraq Freedom. As Americans, we know all too well that freedom is not free and war comes with a price.

We lost 4500 American Soldiers during this war and another 32000 injured. Many of them were severely injured. The psychological impact is unimaginable. The estimated civilian causalities suffered by the Iraq citizen’s stands at about 65000. For the next 20 years or more, America will pay veterans medical expenses and more for nearly 1 million vets.

The American tax payer has already paid out over $800 Billion dollars for Operation Iraq Freedom. We still have a War going on in Afghanistan. If you ask one of the million plus American Veterans who been there, not one can fully define or explain the elusive mission.

Thank God We are Coming Home!

Iraq War: Our Cost: Our Lives: Their Freedom.

God Bless Our Troops, God Bless American and May God Have Political Mercy!

Thank God they are Coming Home!