‘Soldiers’ Angels opened doors for me’ : Blake Powers, Laughing Wolf

“Soldiers’ Angels opened doors for me”

Blake Powers (Laughing Wolf of Blackfive milblog) is a longtime donor to Soldiers’ Angels, who then went to Iraq – twice – as an independent embedded reporter.

Blake talks about the changes he has seen in Iraq. He tells of meeting Iraqis who are grasping their future, helping themselves. He shares stories of walking in places where before nobody dare walk.

In this interview by Bob Calvert, host of the Talking With Heroes radio show, Blake acknowledges the huge contribution Soldiers’ Angels has made in his work, by funding his equipment etc, and opening doors for him. Great insights into “on the ground” differences that our troops, and Soldiers’ Angels, are making to the lives of Iraqi children.



This video was made at the Soldiers’ Angels Executive Leadership Conference, in Pasadena, California, where 150 Soldiers’ Angels and their supporters flew in, many meeting for the first time, after working together for years.

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Ros Prynn
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