Debby Frerichs – Soldiers Angels VP of Donations Did Something About It

“Don’t cry. Do something about it.”

Thanksgiving 2003, Debby Frerichs was watching the news, and she cried, as she saw stories about our troops. Her husband told her .” …do something about it.”

So she went on the internet and found Soldiers’ Angels.

That first Christmas, Debby and her fellow Kansas area Angels sent 12,000 Christmas cards to our troops. From her first year, where she ended up adopting about 12 soldiers herself, Debby is now the national contact for corporate America when they want to partner with Soldiers Angels.

In this interview by Bob Calvert, host of the Talking With Heroes radio show, Debby describes what it is that Angels do. She shares stories (every Angel has lots of stories!) and reminds America that even if you can only afford a stamp – or two – you CAN say “Thank You” to our troops.

This video was made at the Soldiers’ Angels Executive Leadership Conference, in Pasadena, California, where 150 Soldiers’ Angels and their supporters flew in, many meeting for the first time, after working together for years.

Be an Angel, join Soldiers’ Angels. Visit them on the web at

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