Ramadi Resident Helps Iraqi Army Capture Bomb Maker

By Capt. Alfred A. Smith, 2/28th Brigade Combat Team

RAMADI, Iraq – Iraqi forces detained a suspected improvised explosive device maker based on information provided by a local Ramadi resident May 18.

While conducting a dismounted patrol in the northern part of Ramadi, Iraqi soldiers were approached by a local resident who informed them that a suspected improvised explosive device maker was operating in his neighborhood.

Based on actionable intelligence, the Iraqi army developed and executed a plan to target the IED maker. They detained the insurgent and transported him to a local detention facility, where he will be held pending further investigation.

“The Jazeera area north of Ramadi is a model of the effectiveness of the Coalition and Iraqi army team,” said Marine Capt. William Mangus, an advisor to the Iraqi army. “Iraqi initiative, along with Coalition support, has turned what once was an insurgent stronghold into a peaceful neighborhood. The local populace’s approval and support can be seen in daily interaction between them and the Iraqi soldiers who have a common goal of maintaining the peace and the security of the Jazeera area.”

There were no reports of Iraqi army casualties as a result of the incident.

Capt. Alfred A. Smith is a military Public Affairs Officer with 2/28 Brigade Combat Team.