Obama Shamelessly Takes Credit for Success in Iraq

By Move America Forward Freedom PAC

Watching President Barack Obama shamelessly try and take credit for winning the war in Iraq should have appalled every American. We have heard from many of our troops, veterans and military families who were shocked at his oval office address earlier this week. MAF Freedom PAC is devoted to electing pro-troop Members of Congress who will stand up for them and their mission to protect our country from Islamic terrorism.

Obama either fails to grasp what it took to win the war in Iraq or he is trying to fool the American people. His speech ignored the fact that he argued against the very policies which allowed the war to end in victory rather than defeat. He failed to give credit to the vision and resolve of President George W. Bush *while hypocritically blaming the war in Iraq for many of our domestic problems which he himself created or contributed to.

In the weeks leading up to the November midterm elections, we are going to see politicians play this same game again and again. Many congressmen and senators up for re-election did not support our troops in their mission to defeat the terrorists in Iraq and argued that the surge would fail. In order to avoid losing their seats due to being wrong about the war, we expect them to do their best to place blame for our domestic problems on the war on terror and to avoid talking about how wrong they were about our efforts in Iraq.

Our mission as MAF Freedom PAC is to get leaders elected who support our troops, support their efforts to defeat radical Islam, supported the surge and will continue to stand by our troops and never back down to pressure from those that disagree!

Please make a donation now to help MAF PAC in our mission to help pro-troop candidates win this November. *Together we will make sure that our troops will not be let down by the politicians again! And we will take the Congress back from the likes of Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi! *

OBAMA’S OUTRAGEOUS ASSERTION: “I fulfilled my campaign promise to the American people”

Just minutes into his short address President *Obama shamelessly declared “This was my pledge to the American people as a candidate for this office.” *Speaking about the drawdown of troop levels and handover of security responsibility to the Iraqi security forces, he tried to make it sound like the victory in Iraq was part of his platform, when the truth is that Obama argued against the surge and in favor of cutting and running, allowing Iraq to be handed over to the terrorists!

In reality the phased drawdown of troops and equipment, the transfer of security to Iraqi forces began under President Bush’s watch, LONG before Obama. In July of 2008 there were already 10 Iraqi provinces that had been transferred to Iraqi responsibility and on September 1st, 2008, Anbar province, once one of the most dangerous parts of Iraq, was peacefully transferred to Iraqi security forces.

Most importantly, President Bush negotiated and signed a “Status of Forces Agreement” with the Iraqi government that eventually led to the pullout of troops from Iraqi cities earlier this year, and set a deadline for eventually removing all U.S. troops from the country by 2011. President Obama and his administration had nothing to do with any of these events, so his claim that these were his campaign promises is an outright fabrication!

President Obama should apologize for being wrong about Iraq, for arguing in favor of retreat, and for doubting our troops! The troops won the war; they deserve the credit, and President Bush also deserves recognition for leading them to victory.

President Obama, then a senator, said, “President Bush [said] that the Surge is working, when we know that’s just not true.”

Vice President Joe Biden foolishly added, “This whole notion that the surge is working is fantasy.”

They were party of the liberal, Code Pink faction of the Democratic Party that never could find anything good to say about our military.

Please help us defeat the Senators and Representatives who doubted our troops!

Senator Barbara Boxer from California said “[The Surge] is killing our soldiers”

Senator Russ Feingold of Wisconsin said “The Surge has to be Stopped”

These are the kinds of politicians *who we need to DEFEAT this November!*They did not support our troops or their mission, and they doubted the surge and fought, like Obama, to give up in Iraq. We need to kick these people out of office! Make a donation to help MAF PAC do it this November!

OBAMA’S OUTRAGEOUS ASSERTION: “The war caused all of our financial troubles”

In one of the most inappropriate and disgraceful attempts to score political points that we have ever seen, Obama tried to win more support for his disastrous domestic agenda, by criticizing the war our troops fought and won at a time when he should have been congratulating them on their win. He criticized the monetary cost of the war, saying “We have spent over a trillion dollars at war, often financed by borrowing from overseas. This in-turn short-changed investments in our own people.”

Obama did not recognize that the cost of the war in Iraq has paid dividends in American security. We have been saying it for years, but it never sinks in to those on the left. America is fighting a war on terror in Iraq and Afghanistan against the terrorists who want to kill us. The war in Iraq kept us safe, President Bush kept us safe, and yet in the first two years of Obama’s administration we have seen numerous security failures and bombing attempts that could have tragically cost American lives.

Worse still, Obama’s own ‘economic stimulus’ (rampant spending) and new spending on social programs to “spread the wealth around”

PUT THE COUNTRY IN FAR MORE DEBT than President Bush did in 8 years of financing the war on terror. How arrogant of Obama to blame George Bush and the war that our troops won.

Friends, the time is right to KICK OUT the politicians who joined Obama in denouncing this war, doubting our troops*, and wanting to let the terrorists win. It is inexcusable for our politicians to have called our troops ‘murderers’, accusing them of atrocities, and saying that their mission was a failure as Harry Reid did when he said “I believe this war is lost.”

Now that our troops have won, and these politicians have been proven wrong, it’s time to KICK THEM OUT OF OFFICE! Please support MAF FREEDOM PAC and the candidates we endorse, and we will accomplish amazing electoral turnovers!

FINAL THOUGHTS: There is a big difference between leaving Iraq in victory, rather than defeat. Remember who argued for retreat, and who stood by our troops.

The audacity of Obama’s shameful perspective on the war expressed in his oval office speech could not be more crystallized by his ironic telling of the story of the Army’s 4th Stryker Brigade, which Obama described in his closing words as “just a convoy of brave Americans, making their way home.” “This time, no shots were fired,” he said.

If America had taken Obama’s cut-and-run advice, the Army’s 4th Stryker Brigade would have left Iraq in utter retreat, being chased out by shots fired from Kalashnikovs and RPGs the whole way. But thanks to the leadership of President Bush, that shameful scene was never realized, and those troops can now come home proud of their victory.

Move America Forward Freedom PAC



By Move America Forward Freedom PAC