Paul Schrader Ships Travel Size Goods With Maximus Heart

.” ..fabric softener reminded her of home…”

Paul Schrader,

Paul Schrader is founder and president of, a shipping company that Soldiers’ Angels founder, Patti Bader approached shortly after Minimus started in business.

Since then, Minimus has shipped hundreds of thousands of packages for Soldiers’ Angels. Minimus was instrumental in working with Soldiers’ Angels to make sure that every soldier serving in Iraq and Afghanistan received a care package from home this last Christmas.

Minimus has a huge warehouse in California, recently expanded, and gets letters from the frontlines about their shipments.

One female soldier wrote about receiving fabric softener, which was part of “the works” package. Schrader said: “That to me was a unique one; that something so small would mean so much.”

When Talking With Heroes radio show host Bob Calvert interviewed Paul, it was the first time they had met face to face. has sponsored the Talking With Heroes radio show for the past few years.

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Ros Prynn
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