Waiter, Do you speak English? A Restaurant Search Engine to Service the World!

www.foodJoker.com is changing the way Americans dine when traveling abroad

Imagine yourself half way around the world, let’s say, in Beijing, sitting in a luxurious restaurant, viewing the menu, choosing your delights and simply ordering them in English from the menu without saying one word in Chinese. Even the prices are converted in Dollars. A dream? A mirage? Not if are you using foodJoker.com

As a revolutionary restaurant guide written in English, and 9 additional languages, foodJoker.com presents global dining in 21st century the way it should be: simple, enjoyable and full of informative content.

As the world’s first full-content, multilingual restaurant guide for travelers, FoodJoker.com archived more than 13,000 restaurants, many of which include their complete menus, maps and photographs, and made them available to travelers in their native language, all on one website.

Not in memory has there been a more comprehensive restaurant guide on the web as FoodJoker.com. Full menus are translated and posted on Foodjoker.com in both the traveler and host country’s native languages. With detailed maps and directions, FoodJoker.com makes it simple and stress free for the American traveler to find his way to dinner in dozens of cities around the world. Simply type in the name of your hotel or city location, and FoodJocker.com will find, list and provide directions to local restaurants.

“It is time for the American traveler to take matters into his own hands when choosing a restaurant in a different country; we don’t need the hotel’s concierge to recommend a restaurant or helplessly search for a good restaurant aided by a dated restaurant guide. An American traveler can now choose the perfect restaurant all by themselves using foodJoker.com. Global dining will never be the same, ” says Rocky Casale, foodJoker.com U.S.A. VP.

The interactive features of Foodjoker.com, such as a user ranking and recommendations of restaurants across the globe bring additional assistance to travelers searching for the perfect place to eat.

With foodJoker.com, 90% of the global tourist community will be reading high quality content about restaurants all over the world in ten different languages. This new guide suggests a solution not only to American travelers, but to the entire global tourism market, “for many restaurants in the U.S., foodJoker.com is a real savior. Never have they imagined that there can be one platform on which they can reach almost all of the tourists coming to the country. Now there is one and that’s foodJoker.com.” says Casale.

Focusing on America’s most popular cities and touristr destinations, foodJoker.com makes it easy for the more than 50 million tourists visiting the U.S. to be able to enjoy good food and fine restaurants.

Casale believes the website is a true revolution; “It takes away the confusion a traveler might experience when searching for a restaurant in a foreign city. Using foodJoker.com is an easy and enjoyable experience; both parties win here, the restaurant, and, off course the traveler”

For complete coverage of restaurants around the world, check out our web site at www.FoodJoker.com

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