Meet Leigh Wolf

Leigh Wolf ... talking to CodePink supporter Melanie Morgan.
Leigh Wolf…talking to CodePink supporter

These days in America, there are very clearly defined lines dividing the support the troops and their mission advocates, and the anti-Iraq War, “all troops are murderers, rapists” etc etc.

Quite apart from the fact that most who support our troops KNOW this is NOT the “Iraq War,” that this war is global (I won’t start on that here. lol), it has been clearly documented that most anti-war peaceniks are anything BUT peaceful. One only has to look at the fractious, aggressive demonstrations across America by those who shrill “bring our troops home now.” Berkeley in February 2008 was a classic example of the differences.

Leigh Wolf was at Berkeley that day. Leigh Wolf is one of America’s finest as he stands firmly in the “support the troops” camp in the face of the non-peaceful protests. From Melanie Morgan comes the story of this fine young man, who “gets it”:

Leigh Wolf, Activist, Patriot, and New Enlistee

Written by Melanie Morgan

Wednesday, 14 May 2008

… In February, Leigh attended Move America Forward’s counter-protest in Berkeley, armed with a few friends and a camera. Events quickly raged out of control.

I was behind Leigh as he was surrounded by angry, violent teenage truants who were skipping school from Berkeley High School. Despite my efforts push my way through the violent crowd, I reached him after some punk took a swing at him. Leigh was shaken. …

As a result, Leigh has received numerous death threats, lawsuits, harassment, and was assaulted by the ‘peace thugs.’ [ ]

In February, Leigh was still a student, studying broadcasting. According to Morgan, Wolf decided to forgo – for now – finishing his degree, and has enlisted in the US Marine Corps. Yes, the Marine Corps that Code Pink continues to demonstrate against outside the USMC Recruitment office in Berkeley. Guess Leigh is one recruit that Code Pink couldn’t enlighten, convert! Ironically, statistics show that maybe Code Pink protests are backfiring. I guess their days of breastfeeding for peace, or casting witches’ spells etc, are not educational enough! Recruitment figures for the USMC, and other branches of the US military, are way up. Imagine that!

There comes a time when we are ALL called upon to stand for what we believe – for the values we hold dear. For Leigh Wolf, his time has come. Semper Fi, Marine, and thank YOU!

Ros Prynn
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