Key Al-Qaeda in Iraq Terrorist Captured

Coalition forces captured a suspected longtime al-Qaeda in Iraq terrorist during an operation Sept. 4 in Tarmiyah.

Mu’ayyad ‘Ali Husayn Sulayman al-Bayyati, also known as Abu Wathiq, is believed to have helped bring the al-Qaeda in Iraq terrorist group to Tarmiyah. He is allegedly an advisor to senior terrorist leaders and was responsible for conducting executions.

Intelligence reports indicate al-Bayyati is closely associated with a senior al-Qaeda in Iraq leader and conducts executions either by shooting or beheading people at the main intersection in Tarmiyah. Reports also indicate residents of Tarmiyah feared al-Bayyati’s constant threat of violence and knew him as “The Executioner.” Furthermore, detainee reporting indicates that al-Bayyati tortured two 12-year-old boys by burning their hands and beating them, because he believed the boys were spies for Coalition forces.

Al-Bayyati and two other suspected al-Qaeda in Iraq terrorists were captured on Sept. 4 during coordinated raids northwest of Tarmiyah. One of the other detainees is linked to an operation Sept. 2 where Coalition forces destroyed 12 tons of explosives. During this raid, Coalition forces found two caches of weapons and explosives. An air strike safely destroyed the bomb-making facility and caches found during this operation, which contained rocket-propelled grenades, explosive materials and fully assembled improvised explosive devices.

“We will work closely with Iraqi officials to ensure al-Bayyati receives due process through the Iraqi justice system,” said Maj. Winfield Danielson, MNF-I spokesman.

Source: Multi-National Force-Iraq

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