Jill Carroll Release: The Powerful sheik speaks out!

Sheik Sattam Al Gaood just revealed in an exclusive statement to Centerpoint Now!

Centerpoint Now reported on the communication between the Iraqi Sheik and the American journalist’s family first.

Now in an exclusive statement to Centerpoint Now, following a press conference in Amman, Sheik Al Gaood sheds more light about the behind the scene activity prior to Jill Carroll’s release.

“I had series of conference calls with Jim Carroll (the father of Jill Carroll) initiated by international interviewer Daphne Barak. The communication was daily either directly or through Barak. After Jim and Mary Beth Carroll made TV appearance with Barak, I made plea to the kidnappers to contact me and release Jill. I also met with Adnan Al Delaymi and he assured me that he had no knowledge about the kidnapping of Jill Carroll and was very passionate about it.

I told Barak, two weeks ago that I got very firm information that Jill was OK and she would be released soon.

The people who sent this message, wanted to meet with me. They also discussed money. A big amount of money, which I shared only with Barak but not with the father.

We spoke again yesterday, trying to value how reliable the information was and had a strategy, how to follow up Jill’s sister TV plea yesterday.

The three of us were supposed to talk and make a decision early this morning, I was so happy that we did not need to make decisions anymore and Jill was freed.

When Barak brought us together on the phone few hours ago, I was touched that the father who just got his daughter back, did not forget to ask about my family and about my kidnapped cousin.

The reason I made a press conference right now is to make sure that the German and Moroccan hostages are going to be freed as well, and to tell the Iraqi people: ‘This is the right attitude of the Iraqi people! And despite our governments – Americans and Iraqis can be friends’.”

Sattam Al Gaood, the sheik of one of the most powerful tribes in Iraq was recently released with other senior Iraqis, by American forces. He is also the president of Iraqi Intellectuals Against Occupation.

Source: Centerpoint Now

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