Iraq: Not Lost, Just in Need of Support

Iraq, what visions float through the mind, attempting to understand the whys and wherefores of the events of the past years of the occupation.

Mostly the popular press seem to delight in spreading doom and gloom not only about Iraq but about all of our every day lives.

I had come to believe that the occupation was a mistake and that nothing good could come from it and it was better to withdraw and let the Iraqis have a civil war and kill each other. Then came enlightenment, when I chanced upon NewsBlaze and began to read of the wonderful things the troops were doing in that country, despite all the obstacles placed in their way.

I read about troops sharing food with families that had very little but were prepared to offer, I read about the distribution of blankets by the troops to the villagers, the installation of sewage works, the installation of piped water, these are things we take for granted.

Then I read about Susan Warren who regularly sends packages of everyday items to the troops over there – and I know there are others doing the same.

Reading about these events opened a new window for me, and I wonder why don’t the government and media report these deeds, instead of filling the press with hot air and garbage. Thank heavens for NewsBlaze.

All Americans should be supportive of the troops and attempt to find out more about what these men and women are achieving – its not all doom and gloom. As an Australian I tips my lid to all the men and women serving their country in these troubled times.

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Harry Dunn
Harry Dunn is an Australian writer who sees things from the perspective of an older generation that went through the second world war as a soldier.