HGTV Makes Over Military Family Rooms, Invites Stories


The Number One makeover show on major cable network TV wants to makeover the family rooms of three to four Military Families in the same neighborhood in Los Angeles or San Diego area!

Military families often make the largest sacrifices for their country and families. Now it’s time to return the favor.

The #1 makeover show is looking to give a few military families the Ultimate Family Room Makeover.

Is your loved one away on tour and returning soon? Has your loved one returned already and your family room is in dire need of a makeover but funds are limited? Do you want to surprise your loved one upon their return? Perhaps you know of someone in your neighborhood who would be an ideal candidate.

The show will do multiple makeovers at the same time, and they are asking military families to share their stories. If one Military Family shares the story of another Military Family, both could receive the perfect family room makeover!

The producers say they want to hear all of your stories whether you are enlisted or a vet. “Times are tough and we want to hear why you and your family deserve the Ultimate Family Room Makeover! From top to bottom, your living room will be transformed into the living room of your dreams,” the show organizers say.

The makeover would happen sometime between April 10th and April 21st. Ideally, they are looking to work with families in or around the same neighborhood.

While the Greater Los Angeles area is the ideal location, they are prepared to take the show as far as San Diego.

Please send an email sharing your stories with them, as well as pictures of you and your loved ones. Unfortunately, they can only pick a few families, but you have to get your application in, to win it. Send your stories and in as little as a month, you and your military neighbors may have the family room you’ve always dreamed of!!!

Please include Name, Age, Branch, Address, contact info (email and telephone) and pics and someone will contact you to set up a phone interview and then a face to face.

Please send all stories, pics and emails to: [email protected] [email protected]

Apply to the Military Family Room Makeover/

Thanks to our friends at Military Connection for passing on this information.

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