Ghost Riders in Muqdadiyah, Iraq

With some coaching and mentoring from 3rd Platoon, Alpha Troop, 1-32nd Cavalry, 101st Airborne Division, the IP are evolving into a highly capable protective force for the people in this area of Iraq.

Though the IP are making significant improvements, there are still areas that need more work. As 3rd Platoon, known as the “Ghost Riders,” see a problem in the way the IPs are handling a challenge, they correct it.

“It is not that they don’t know how to handle a situation, it is just that they have not seen the proper way of handling it,” said Sgt. 1st Class Anthony L. Longoria platoon sergeant and Rockport, Texas native.

On this day, as the platoon rolled through the streets of Muqdadiyah, there appeared to be a traffic accident that had just occurred. As they approached, they noticed that a man had been fatally shot in one of the vehicles. The Ghost Riders secured the area until the Iraqi Police showed up. Minutes later the Iraqi Police arrived to handle the incident and the Ghost Riders were on their way.

One last pass through the city revealed a heavily congested traffic jam that the IP were negotiating; Longoria, with the help of his interpreter, prompted the IP to work it out a bit more aggressively.

At this point in their development, the IP can be related to a civilian security organization that is a little less structured than the way we [coalition military forces] are used to seeing, said Longoria.

The Ghost Riders are working with the IPs to build their leadership abilities and help them in any way they can. They will continue to work with the IP in this area to ensure they are ready to protect and serve the people of Iraq.

US Soldiers, Iraqi Police check a car at their checkpoint.
US Soldiers, Iraqi Police check a car at their checkpoint.