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Staff Sgt. Mark Wojciechowski
Staff Sgt. Mark Wojciechowski is a writer with 133rd MPAD, Iraq, and provides stories directly to NewsBlaze.
A Soldier from Alpha Co. exits a condemned building after a search

A Company 1-8 Infantry Secures Blast Site

Reacting at a moments notice in response to insurgent activity is key to preventing further attacks against coalition and Iraqi security forces.
U.S. Air Force Senior Airman Romina Sidi tracks Iraqi Army and Iraqi Police construction projects

Turkish Born Female Tracks the Building of Freedom

Women's contributions to the U.S. Armed Forces are no doubt among some of most significant events in history and female service members are once again proving their greatness in the Global War on Terror.
Two Iraqi Army soldiers patrol with 1st Lt. Daniel Mcmanus

Joint Patrol in Palm Groves, Diyala Province

Joint forces waited in their vehicles and listened eagerly for the command to dismount as they prepared to enter the Palm Groves, a vegetative area of Diyala Province...

The Mayor of FOB Normandy in Iraq

There is no doubt that the mayor of a city or large town has a lot of responsibilities - keeping up with infrastructure, security and how much work is being done are all on the agenda.
Cpt. Angel Brito briefs men before Operation Dirty Harry

Operation Dirty Harry Yields Large Mortar Round, Muqdadiyah, Iraq

The Iraqi Soldiers approached the homes and explained the intent of their search to the residents, while U.S. forces pulled security on the streets outside.
water inspection

Guam National Guard Water Purification Specialists At Work in Iraq

'We make sure all of our reverse Osmosis units are in good condition and we do our checks to make sure we add the necessary chemicals so they can use water we produce,'
2nd Lt. Edwin Morris, Battalion Intelligence Officer

CIDNE Empowers Theater-wide Communication

In battles fought on the frontlines today in Iraq, knowledge and communications are essential to facilitate interaction between U.S. troops on the ground, Iraqi Forces and coalition forces.
texas soldiers

Texas Citizen Soldiers Keeping the Comms Working

Whether it is internet or voice communications, the Soldiers of Alpha Company 136th Signal Battalion, from the Texas Army National Guard keep communications going at FOB Speicher...
Soldiers, Iraqi Police car check

Ghost Riders in Muqdadiyah, Iraq

The people of Iraq have less to worry about now that the Iraqi Police are becoming more organized and proficient in their jobs, with a little assistance from coalition forces.
4ID Sensor Division monitors indirect fire attacks

Right Back at Them [Enemy]

By dropping mortars or firing rockets into coalition held areas, Anti-Iraqi forces attempt to disrupt day-to-day operations, but what typically happens is they get one right back at them.
Spc. Holly Huskie reenlists

Soldier Reenlists from Combat Zone

Many deployed Soldiers dream about the day when they return home and plan for life after the Army. It takes a special person to step up and reenlist from a combat zone.
kevlar helmet

Helmet Protects Soldier from Sniper Fire

For many soldiers, the new Army combat helmet is a necessary evil. Sgt. Shawn Snyder of 3rd ID 2/7 Scout Platoon is one soldier who will never complain about wearing his helmet again.