Clearing in Husaybah Ends, Part of Operation Steel Curtain

CAMP BLUE DIAMOND, AR RAMADI, Iraq – Col. Stephen W. Davis, commanding officer of Regimental Combat Team – 2, announced the end of clearing operations in Husaybah Nov. 8.

Operation Al Hajip Elfulathi (Steel Curtain) continues as Iraqi Army soldiers and U.S. Forces set conditions for a permanent security presence within the city. Patrols and targeted raids are also being conducted to root out any remaining al-Qaeda in Iraq-led insurgents.

Husaybah residents evacuated to a vacant housing development, believed to be a former Iraqi Army housing area, are remaining in place until Husaybah is safe for them to return to their homes. Iraqi soldiers, U.S. Marines and Soldiers continue to find roadside bombs, car bombs and weapons caches throughout the city. Iraqi Army Soldiers continue to provide security, food, water and medical care to the approximate 900 Husaybah residents temporarily displaced by the fighting.

Dated census information stated the city’s population to be approximately 30,000, though the city was largely deserted due to the tribal fighting that took place over the past several months against the al Qaeda in Iraq-led insurgents.

Today is the fifth day of Operation Steel Curtain. The operation’s goal is to restore Iraqi sovereign control along the Iraqi-Syrian border and destroy the al Qaeda in Iraq terrorists operating throughout Al Qaim region.

The offensive is part of Operation Sayaid (Hunter), designed to deny al Qaeda in Iraq the ability to operate in the Euphrates River Valley and to establish a permanent security presence along the Syrian border.

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Source: Multi-National Force-Iraq

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