Babil Province Handed Over to 2nd Brigade 4th US Division

2nd Brigade 4th US Division has taken over operational responsibility for Babil province from Multinational Division Central-South. US Brigade will operate together with 2nd Brigade 8th Iraqi Army Division to provide security in the province.

The handover ceremony took place in Camp Charlie, Al HILLAH, on Thursday, 5th of January. Multinational Division Central South area of responsibility is now reduced to two provinces – Diwaniyah and Wasit.

The handover protocol was signed by MNDCS Commanding General MG Piotr Czerwinski, MNDCS 1st Brigade Combat Team Commander BG Miroslaw Rozmus and 1/10 US Cavalry Commander COL. James Love.

MNDCS Commander MG Czerwinski in his speech underlined the role of MNDCS forces in the reconstruction process of Babil province.

MultiNational Division leaders hand over responsibility to 2nd Brigade 4th US Division at Camp Charlie, Al Hillah.
MultiNational Division leaders hand over responsibility to 2nd Brigade 4th US Division at Camp Charlie, Al Hillah.

“Our goal was to help Iraqi people to build a new Iraq, with the constitutional government in the place, with local authorities and public institutions capable to deliver people essential services and living conditions. Our goal was to build and train a new Iraqi army to create a safe and secure environment for Iraqi people,” General Czerwinski said.

MNDCS Commanding General underlined also the results of MNDCS activities to support and help Iraqi people from Babil province in many areas of living conditions.

From the very beginning of its mission in Iraq (September 2003) Multinational Division CS made a lot of effort to provide a secure environment and better living conditions for Babil citizens.

Many antiterrorism operations were conducted to stabilize the situation in the province. More than 900 projects were completed to help citizens. The total cost of the projects was 35 millions US dollars. Over 200 projects were designed to improve the rule of law, 177 health care projects, 166 educational projects and 100 electricity and water projects and many others.

MNDCS played a crucial role in training Iraqi soldiers operating in Babil province. In November 2005 Polish instructors certified 2nd Brigade 8th IA Division from Al Hillah. MNDCS soldiers conducted many operations with Iraqi soldiers to improve safety conditions in the province.

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