Anat Jozaphina Takes a Big Leap for Accepting New Roles in TV Series

World class actress Anat Jozaphina is putting her name into the ring that is garnering strong consideration to play separate roles in the two major national network shows, ‘Dig’ and ‘Tyrant.’ These two shows, created by Israeli TV Series Creator Gideon Raff, are ready to take the television world by storm. Raff is known as the brains behind the epic thriller “Homeland,” which makes these two productions intriguing.

The subject matter of ‘Dig’ and ‘Tyrant’ both reflect Raff’s affinity for the Middle East. ‘Dig’ is about an FBI agent stationed in Jerusalem who, while investigating a murder of a young female archaeologist, uncovers a conspiracy 2000 years in the making. The FX network production ‘Tyrant,’ meanwhile follows an unassuming American family drawn into the workings of a turbulent Middle Eastern nation.

In the preproduction stage, the search for the right people to audition was and still is a lengthy process. “This is the first time the majority of a show is shooting in Israel,” the producer notes proudly. For ‘Dig’ we are shooting completely in Israel, and for ‘Tyrant,’ except for the pilot it, will all be in Israel. As the auditions are approaching it would only make sense that well established and multi-cultural actress, Anat Jozaphina is trumped up for this role. The rumors are circulating as producers are saying, “Anat displays the unique ability and cultural background needed for such a meticulous production. We are honored to have her in the mix.”

All the productions of Dig, Tyrant, and Homeland are all very exciting and exhilarating, leading to a hot and adventurous summer in Israel! ‘Tyrant’ will be broadcast on FX in the United States starting on June 24, while ‘Dig’ will air on USA Network in the fall.

Anat Jozaphina is a well traveled actress, who has logged many miles from India to Vietnam. Being versed in these cultures has led to a more prevalent understanding of the perseverance needed to be successful in this industry. She is a world class actress who has branded herself in an industry of professionals, while making herself look like a queen. Her military and combat training background makes her the perfect for the role in this production.