America Not Hearing the Whole Story: Updates from Bob Calvert in Iraq

This morning, I received a message from Bob Calvert at “Talking With Heroes” radio talk show. Bob is in Iraq, talking to our troops and to Iraqis, thanks to a lot of effort from our military and some wonderful supporters who sponsored him.

Originally, he didn’t plan to talk to Iraqis, but since he’s been over there, that has changed and as he says in this letter below, America hasn’t been hearing the whole story from its media. Small newspapers like NewsBlaze knew that and that is why we’ve been doing what we do and supporting the military and people like Bob Calvert.

We’re looking forward to having Bob back here, to share with us what he learned and we will get the stories out as widely as possible. Whether your friends support what’s going on in Iraq or not, now might be the best time to tell them about Talking with Heroes and other sites that tell the story of the soldiers – and soon of the Iraqis who don’t want the US to abandon them at this critical time.

Thank you for reading and supporting us. “Support Our Troops, Read Their Stories at” When you go to the Talking with Heroes website, you can see the shows and also the lists of businesses and individuals who supported Bob’s visit to Iraq. I hope you can find time to support them.

Here is Bob’s letter:

Hello from Iraq

This has definitely been quite an experience and there is more to go. Tonight I was in the middle of about 300 Iraqi Army troops returning from their leave.

I have 7 of the talk shows information I have done so far now on the website. More will be added like pictures when I get back. You can see what we have done so far on the talk show schedule page then click on each of the upcoming talk shows to see who I interviewed and on some of them the main themes of those talk shows. There is a lot of editing work to do when I get back for the audio on the internet radio talk show as well as on the video tapes.

We are already planning my next visit here. Some of the talk shows being planned could be heard all over Iraq and definitely in America and maybe more. I have been at events with an Iraqi Officer here along with our military. I am excited to look down the road a few months and see what we can do next.

I am listening in the background to the returning Iraqi Army Troops going through their drills. It is hard to believe I am here. But it is clear that we have not been hearing the whole story in America. With your help and others we will be able to get these stories back to all of America with trips like these and then when we get back getting the tapes of these talk shows out to the public.

If you sent me emails I thank you very much for the prayers and words of support and also for some new sponsors as I was getting ready to leave. I have not been able to get on the internet much lately. We are in a place that is a little remote to say the least and the internet is not always up. I have not had access to a phone either.

It seems like I have been here for many weeks. But soon I will be back in Kuwait ready to head back to America. Our first live talk show after I return will be by Ft Benning in Columbus, GA. The information is in the website.

Thanks again for all the prayers!!!


Bob Calvert

Alan Gray
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