Pelosi Wants Weiner Probe!

Nancy Pelosi thinks it’s time to probe Congressman Weiner!

Folks, believe me, the following is true as I don’t think I have enough writing related talent in me to dream this up on my own. All the major news outlets/networks are currently reporting that Nancy Pelosi, the Democratic Minority Leader of the House, has officially requested a probe of Congressman Anthony Weiner for his just admitted antics on Twitter with an apparent variety of women. Per her official statement on this matter, she wants the Ethics Committee to conduct an investigation “to determine whether any official resources were used or any other violation of House rules occurred.” Ouch for poor Congressman Weiner!

If I’m him right about now I’d be shaking in my boots over this threatened investigation. I mean, hey, look at all the damage that was done after then Speaker of the House Pelosi led the assault over the multi-ethics violations involving Representative Charlie Rangel, coincidentally also of New York. Charlie had to appear before the Ethics Committee and paid a very stiff price for it, that price being…..ummm, well, I think, truth be told, that Representative Rangel is still on the job and drawing his full salary and benefits, but hey, I’m sure all the hubbub around his situation caused him countless hours of mental anguish and grief! And let’s not forget the harrowing situation Representative Maxine Waters’ Ethics Committee recent hearing engendered.

Ummmm, wait yet again. A quick check reveals that her hearing hasn’t been conducted yet, even though it’s been discussed for months, but I’m sure there’s a good reason for it. The wheels of justice can sometimes turn slower than a pond water waterfall, truth be told. And we all appreciate that she’s sweating out her situation too, and you can’t put a price on the value of sweating something out when you’re worried about having done something wrong. It’s a stresser that could messer up your brain!

Bottom line, Nancy Pelosi is serious about wanting to do a full and complete Weiner probe. And, as your usually reticent correspondent here, I thought I might be a bit bold and perhaps offer up a couple of suggestions to her, humble though they may be, that might potentially help her steer her way through the turgid waters she’s about to dip her hands into. The two of them be:

1. Engage the law firm that works with the Oscar Meyer Company to help her in presenting the facts in this particular situation. Let’s face it, any company that can get away with driving a giant car shaped like a weiner out on our public highways must have a crack legal team helping them out. If you think about it, how many times has a driver driven off the road or had a fender bender-type accident when they looked ahead and saw the Oscar Meyer Wienermobile approaching? I’ll bet dozens of times, yet you’ve never hear a word about any of them, now have you? A legal team that could pull that off could certainly be of use in an intense Weiner probe, couldn’t they? You’re darn right they could be!

2. If she doesn’t do anything else, Minority Leader Pelosi has to be firm in this particular situation. She can’t weinee out, she has to grab this Weiner probe by the horns and not let go of it! If she doesn’t, she compromises the dignity of her position and the righteous and noble cause of political ethics in general. If she lets those terrible bad things happen I’m guessing she’s going to find herself in quite a pickle. And a pickle that could keep growing on her, no matter what she does to tamp it down.

That’s what I know and have for right now, folks. And y’all have to admit – this is quick and topical news reporting on the Weiner Probe just requested by Minority Leader Pelosi! If only more politicians would grab hold of issues such as these when they present themselves what a better place this great land of ours would be!