On Camera Acting Nails Down New Location

Eclectic Media Casting is pleased to announce that starting this Saturday, their innovative On Camera Acting Classes will be taking place at the new location of McAlisters Deli and a new time of 11 AM.

On Camera Acting Classes

McAlisters Deli

4410 W Boy Scout Blvd

Tampa FL 33607

Hosted by “Mr. Hollywood” Casting Director Shannon Rose and Casting Director/Videographer Alan Cunningham, each month will include an intriguing new angle that teaches the many insights into the industry.

Labeled as a fast moving company in central Florida, Eclectic Media Casting takes people with dreams of being in TV or Movies and teaches this talent how to act on and off the set as well as what to expect. The multimedia conglomerate has casted talent for various productions including full length motion pictures, TV shows and commercials. Don’t be left behind, come out and learn how to be a superstar from the company who grooms homegrown talent.

Please visit rosecasting.com and like us on facebook.com/eclecticmediacasting for up to date information and scheduling changes.

Also for more information on the new location visit: www.mcalistersdeli.com

About Eclectic Media Casting

Eclectic Media Casting has been casting prime talent for motion pictures for some time now and this is just another example of how they bring the actors to you. An actor/actress who waiting for an audition stated, “This is an A+ casting company that shows its results every day.” The opportunities afforded to these people aren’t overflowing, but when one falls out into sea Rose Casting is quick to get it caught!

If you have an interest in being a part of the Entertainment industry, or want to learn more about it, check out Rose Casting’s tour dates at www.rosecasting.com or call 813-389-0801 today and make plans to attend an Acting Workshop today hosted by Hollywood Casting Director Shannon Rose.