‘Law and Order: SVU’ was ‘Occupy’ on Set

Since 1990, Law & Order (L&O) remains a brand for stories “ripped from the headlines” such as the financial crisis that led to the Great Recession, which led to the birth of “Occupy Wall Street”, which was planned to be the latest episode from Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (SVU), currently in its 13th season about New York police detectives investigating sex crimes.

Production on SVU was shut down Thursday night due to the protests from OWS supporters with several slogans, including one stating that the movement “is not a TV plot” because it “is not for sale”, said one protestor.

“We understand OWS emotions run high, and also protestors’ fear of having their images and history co-opted by corporate media” SVU executive producer Warren Leight tweeted. “The irony here is the scene we couldn’t shoot portrayed OWS in a sympathetic light and many of the union workers, crew and set builders worked on prepping the scene are supportive of the movement.”

After the protest, the set was dismantled, and no arrests were made.

Garrett Godwin is an entertainment journalist, who writes for NewsBlaze about television and people in the entertainment industry, from his home state of Michigan. Contact Garrett by writing to NewsBlaze.