I’ve Seen Films – The International Competition Program is Online

Rutger Hauer challenges filmmakers around the world to show him ‘things you people wouldn’t believe’, and he will personally award the winners during the Festival’s Gala Award evening.


in cooperation with Comune di Milano – Cultura and with Provincia di Milano – Cultura and under the Patronage of Regione Lombardia – Culture Identita ed Autonomie della Lombardia and of the Consulate General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands announced two weeks ago on August 3 the screening program with the titles of the films selected for its International Competition!

The program is available on www.icfilms.org

MILAN, ITALY: With 250 films from 72 countries, the I’VE SEEN FILMS International Competition provides one of the largest and more innovative celebrations to film and culture.

I’VE SEEN FILMS invites you to explore the 250 feature and short films, documentaries, music videos, animation and experimental works that will screen in Milano during the Festival’s 10-day period (September 30-October 9) in the following venues: Gnomo Milano Cinema, Spazio Oberdan, Centre Culturel Francais, while the Gala Award Evening will take place on Friday, October 8 in the impressive setting of the Royal Palace.

These 250 films are competing for the ICFILMS Awards:

  • ’20th Century Fox H. E.’ Best Film in Competition ICFILMS Award
  • ’20th Century Fox H. E.’ Best Short Film in Competition ICFILMS Award
  • Best Fiction ICFILMS Award
  • ‘Lombardia Film Commission’ Best First Work ICFILMS Award
  • ‘MyMovies’ Best Documentary ICFILMS Award
  • ‘EUNIC’ Best Experimental ICFILMS Award
  • ‘CortoWeb’ Best Animation ICFILMS Award
  • ‘Microcinema Digital Network’ Best Videoclip ICFILMS Award
  • ‘CNR Media’ Best Actor ICFILMS Award
  • ‘Best Movie’ Best Actress ICFILMS Award
  • ‘Milan Municipality – Culture’ Art ICFILMS Award (plus ‘2,000)
  • ‘President of the Italian Republic ‘ Social Awareness ICFILMS Award

    The 2010 International Competition includes a special section dedicated to works dealing with themes and images from Arts (painting, sculpture, theater, poetry and literature). The Culture Department of the Milano Municipality will assign a prize of Euro2,000 to this category’s winner.

    Also, the two awards for the Internet Contest (presently going on), will be assigned during the Gala Award Evening.

    I’VE SEEN FILMS has something for every film audience and it showcases international independent filmmaking talent.

    The competing films represent a broad range of work: fiction to animation, documentary to experimental. This wide array of films is primarily produced by emerging directors, with a few titles by more established international film artists, and includes many national and international premiere films that have gained worldwide recognition, with Emmy and Academy Award-winning artists.

    We also feature thorny political issues regarding the Middle East; in-depth explorations of societies in crisis; wry portrayals of unemployment problems; battles against environment pollution and conflicts on water issues; immigration and human organ trafficking; famine and cannibalism; violence against women and children, and so on.

    Some of our selected films depict engaging stories about cathedral builders, art and creativity in South Africa, inflatable women and grand-mothers, Super 8 vs. Digital camera fights, as well as paying homage to ‘Twilight’ and to Burlesque and Noir genres.

    The authors’ response to I’VE SEEN FILMS 2010 Edition has been extraordinary, resulting in 3,482 works received from 98 countries.

    Thanks to an agreement with the Microcinema Digital Network, the films from I’VE SEEN FILMS festival will be broadcast to Microcinema’s network theaters via satellite, paving an innovative path in the film festival world. An ever increasing audience has the potential to enjoy, in digitalized theaters, the best original works of authors from all over the world.

    A vital and significant initiative is the ISIDE 4 Africa (I4A) project, which focuses on supplying I’VE SEEN FILMS works to a number of Burkina Faso, Burundi and Democratic Republic of Congo primary and professional high schools, as well as to African health and cultural centers.

    I’VE SEEN FILMS relies on a Jury formed by many notable artistic talents and experts of the cinematography sector. The 2010 Jury members, including the Festival’s founder Rutger Hauer, are: Miranda Richardson (Dance with a Stranger, Empire of the Sun, The Crying Game, Damage, Sleepy Hollow, The Phantom of the Opera, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, The Young Victoria, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows), Anton Corbijn (U2: The Best of 1990-2000, Linear, Some YoYo Stuff, Control, The American), Roberto Faenza (Copkiller, The Bachelor, Jonah Who Lived in the Whale, According to Pereira, Lost Lover, The Soul Keeper), Bill Bristow (Who Are They, Prosit Ermanno! The Swan, Fleas), Takehito Kuroha (Lookin’ for Real Violence, Clacson, Roulette), and filmmaking experts such as Grazyna Torbicka (journalist, artistic director and TV presenter), Cesare Vergati (film department responsible at Centre Culturel Francais de Milan, writer and poet), and Flavia Costa (film scholar and film festival organizer).

    Centre Culturel Francais de Milan, the Consulate General of the Republic of Poland, Lombardia Film Commission, 20th Century Fox, Best Movie, MyMovies.it, the Rutger Hauer FilmFactory, EUNIC (European Union National Institutes for Culture), and Goethe Institute Mailand have confirmed their cooperation to I’VE SEEN FILMS.

    The Festival’s Media Partner is CNR Media who, through its radio, television and website (www.cnrmedia.com) network, will keep the audience up to date on the Festival news.

    Since its 2008 inception, I’VE SEEN FILMS has been the first film festival in the world to screen the authors’ works in a masterful, high-definition digitalized version. This is a key feature, uncommon in other festivals, that requires a high degree of professional technical knowledge and expertise.

    With I’VE SEEN FILMS, authors, along with their works, become the Festival’s real protagonists.

    I’VE SEEN FILMS – International Film Festival ORGANIZATION: The Rutger Hauer Starfish Association TECHNICAL ORGANIZATION: CortoWeb President : Rutger Hauer Director: PierPaolo De Fina Artistic Directors: Pier Paolo De Fina and Giancarlo Zappoli Organization Responsible: Flavia Costa [email protected] www.icfilms.org