Eclectic Media PR Joins Publicity Efforts For DVD Release of ‘AMERICA’

Eclectic Media PR is pleased to announce its new role in assisting with a media campaign for the DVD, Blu-ray and digital versions of the huge hit film America: Imagine The World Without Her through Lionsgate Films. Eclectic will partner with MJM/Makeshift which oversaw theatrical marketing.

“AMERICA” opens with the shocking scene of a fictional assassination of General George Washington who is felled by a lone sniper’s bullet. The controversial scene is followed by the crumbling of various American monuments including the Statue of Liberty and viewers are urged to imagine a world without America.

Directed by John Sullivan (2016: Obama’s America) and written and narrate by Dinesh D1Souza, America became the surprise hit of 2014, raking in $14.4 million at the box office, making it the #6 political documentary in history, overtaking Michael Moore1s film Capitalism: A Love Story.

The very idea of America is that it is under attack, noted director John Sullivan. This movie is our attempt to push back against the forces that seek America’s direction as well as those who unwittingly cooperate with that destruction. It is my hope that people who see this movie will remember that even with its flaws, America is more than just a country, as Bono of U2 says in the film, it’s an idea.

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