Another Liason TALE May Come to Sin City Next Year

Daytime Connection has recently stated that talks are currently in the works for the Third Annual Liason Event — TALE — that is set take place in Las Vegas in 2011. For those of you General Hospital (GH) fans, Liason is the name of steely, romantic hit man Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) and hardworking, flawed good girl nurse Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst), who has share a push-pull history of friendship and romance — the makings of a star-crossed supercouple. “There is a vocal contingent of fans who still want Jason with Elizabeth!” said Tracy Butler of ABC Chicago in her current interview with Steve, who has been portraying his award-winning role for two decades.

GG: Liason has been ranked #1 in the ABC Soaps In Depth(SID) as well as voted in the Soap Opera Digest (SOD) polls for “Favorite Couple.” They even won the Supercouple Smackdown! But why are they not together, though?

Zorina Byrket: The reason they keep saying is “danger,” but he has so many people that he “cares about” around him that it just isn’t a good enough excuse anymore. Lucky and Nik’s lives are not that safe for a child either!

GG: Do you consider Liason a “super non-couple”?

Zorina: Very much, considering they have had 5 scenes in the past 2 years and they still have a large fan base. They have the potential to be a real supercouple if the writers would actually tell their story. It’s very unrealistic based on their history to not have them interacting at all!

GG: “What If?” Jason was the one that rescued Elizabeth’s son Aiden, not Lucky? How do you think that scene would play out and why?

Zorina: They said the kidnapping was totally “random.” It wasn’t because of Liz and Jason’s relationship, so if Jason saved the baby again, then she would realize he is always there for her and that she still loves him.

GG: August 15th marked the anniversaries of the Vista Point kiss back in 2002 as well the Night of Passion (NOP) back in 2006, which led to their son Jacob Martin (“Jake”) being conceived. August 15 was also my birthday! Do you believe that’s fate or something else?

Zorina: Well, I think I have to quote Spinelli:

“Stone Cold, it is fate. A love that cannot be denied, much like that of Anthony and Cleopatra, Odysseus and Penelope, Dante and Beatrice, Lady and the Tramp!”