Water Workout Station Making A Splash For Exercisers

It’s a product that turns any pool into a multi-functional in-water exercise station. And it makes it much easier for anyone to take part in the increasingly popular trend of aquatic exercise.

The Aquatrend Water Workout Station is a safe and sturdy apparatus that attaches to the side of the pool and provides an underwater platform, handles and foot pegs allowing for multiple exercises in the comfort of the water – exercises ranging from pull-ups and pushups, abdominal crunches, to leg lifts, lateral raises and more.

Constructed of marine-grade stainless steel, this personal “water gym” expands on the concept of “training without straining.” It provides a specific place or station in a pool where you can regularly exercise in comfort and ease, eliminating the awkwardness of hanging on to ladders or the edge. Aquatrend is designed to work all muscle groups and can be used for everything that land-based equipment is used for: weight-loss, flexibility, cardio, strength training, and more. Since the surge in interest in water Yoga and Pilates exercise programs at gym pools and exercise centers, its popularity has increased.

It is really in a class by itself because it allows a wide-range of exercises in a single station. Other aquatic products are either flotation type devices (noodles, belts, vests, etc) or very expensive single-use specialized equipment (treadmills, bikes, etc).

Aquatic exercise has long been endorsed by professionals because water provides support and a “cushioning effect” that protects joints, allowing you to run, jump and stretch without the forceful impact that causes strains and injury on dry land. While muscle fatigue and stiffness are greatly reduced, the assistance and resistance of water makes the workout more efficient.

The Aquatrend was originally designed to facilitate exercising for those with back pain. It worked so well that it was further engineered to facilitate exercising for not only back pain reduction, but also for rehabilitation and therapy for everything from arthritis to neuromuscular disease to orthopedic conditions.

Proving its versatility, it is being used in military bases, VA hospitals, nursing homes, universities, hotels, health clubs, spas, corporate fitness centers, physical therapy centers, condominiums, country clubs, campgrounds and backyard pools around the nation. The Aquatrend is even removable for easy storage when not in use.

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