Unbelievable Facts About The ‘Pill’

Does A Soul Exist?

Most people don’t really understand what exactly happens during an abortion. How many believe an individual soul exists within the human (no matter how young) when fertilized?

Scientists say they can prove the existence of the soul. – YouTube describes it. Does The Soul Exist? Evidence Says ‘Yes’ | Psychology Today; from Robert Lanza in an effort to solidify the existence of souls. A Rational Argument for the Existence of the Human Soul; from Rabbi Adam Jacobs (Managing Director, Aish Center, Manhattan) also corroborates the evidence for souls.

Abortion in the Egyptian law
Abortion & the Egyptian flag; 20114-03.

It’s true God already says souls exist for everyone. The major question is, what happens when our souls are separated from our body? But one thing we know for sure is, it’s either correct, or it’s not. No in-between.

Abortion Separates Body And Soul

Abortion is that way. It’s either correct, or it’s not. One inescapable fact: if the soul is forcibly separated from the body by human intervention, it’s wrong. But is abortion when the separation occurs ‘before’ implantation in the uterus, or does it have to be ‘in’ the uterus before it gains a soul.

Science alone answers that question. Babies are born by uniting a male sperm and a female egg, and can be raised and nourished outside of the womb if necessary. What about ectopic pregnancies? It hasn’t reached the womb, yet it’s known as a verifiable ‘pregnancy’. Obstetricians have used RU-486 since 1988, to terminate ectopic pregnancies [Non-Surgical, Chemical Abortions].

If a pregnancy (chemical) test says you’re pregnant, then you’re raising a child with a soul. Whether it’s actually implanted in the womb yet, is immaterial. A new life now exists.

Many believe surgical abortions can be very expensive. Doctors have determined ways to terminate a fertilized embryo before surgery is necessary. In other words, it’s still small enough to physically expel without bodily incisions.

Affecting Implantation

“Contragestion” (natural prevention of implantation) can vary 30-70%, but real tests show a 36% rate. Some doctors have discovered chemical ‘contragestants’ can force the issue.

Several chemical concoctions can prevent a fertilized embryo from implanting in the uterus. Those include the ‘Pill’, ‘Norplant’, and ‘Depo-Provera’. Under the false assumption they’re simply preventing a pregnancy, most women are unaware they may be having breakthrough ovulation, and they’ve conceived children killed by chemicals (Norplant breakthrough 50-65%; Depo-Provera 40-60%; IUD 100%).

Numbers Of Deaths Start Adding Up

One can see in Birth Control Pill Causes Abortions — Pro-Life America, Celebs…, how life is easily snuffed out using artificial ‘contragestants’. In the past 25 years there was (7-12 million chemical-abortion deaths/yr), claiming 175-300 million lives lost in the US.

Each year, 20 million US citizens use the ‘Pill’, Depo-Provera, Norplant, IUD, RU-486, ‘Morning After Pill’, Ella, Plan “B,” or other abortifants. Most don’t even realize they’ve killed an infant. Rape, incest, physical deformity, abnormalities, Embryonic Stem Cell Research (ESCR), and In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF), almost always result in the ‘artificial’ elimination of life. Add the 1.2 million/yr surgical abortions (allowed by “Roe”), and the 7-12 million chemical-abortion deaths/yr, it translates to 10 million lives in the US purposely killed each year.

Roughly speaking, if one assumed all of the world’s population mirrored the US chemical-abortions, one would expect 200 million chemical abortions worldly. You can add that number to the surgical abortions performed as well (1.2 million/yr/country(?), or (147 countries x 1.2 = 176.4 million surgical abortions/yr).

It’s theoretically impossible to exactly calculate of all the world’s deaths by abortions throughout history, but estimations can be made. If one realizes the US only has 5% of the world’s population, and adding at least 50 million/yr surgically-aborted souls worldwide [World Abortion Estimates – National(Right to Life], one gets [(176+1.2+50) million x (24 yrs)] = 5.5 TRILLION total deaths in the last 24 years. Can we even conceive of that number?

Abortions Before ‘Roe’

All above numbers are overwhelmingly conservative. We’ve assumed abortions have only been occurring 24 years. Roe’s been around for 40 years. Abortions (both chemical and surgical) have been done for a lot longer.

When the dust settles, credit God with His unlimited mercy, by sparing the world of immediate and total annihilation, after trillions of forced genocides. At least that many souls have had their bodies ripped away, before they had a chance to live in the real world.

It’s possible an early abortion done by the ‘Pill’ (or other ‘abortifacient’), was not recognized as an abortion. Knowledge of killing can be God-forgiven.

But now, we know we’ve committed the act of abortion.