Thermobalancing Therapy a Promising Treatment for Kidney Stones

Thermobalancing therapy may prove to be a promising treatment for kidney stones. Dr. Simon Allen of UK-based Fine Treatment has developed a device that utilizes thermobalancing therapy to dissolve kidney stones without pain and side effects.

The device works to eliminate stones in one or both kidneys.

A recurring condition, kidney stone disease causes a great deal of pain to sufferers. Because the kidneys are a delicate organ, treatment must be chosen with care.

Conventional treatments for kidney stones include extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy (ESWL) and percutaneous nephrolithotomy (PCNL), both of which are surgical procedures.

ESWL has been used to treat kidney stones for 30-40 years, but can cause patients to develop high blood pressure. The Mayo Clinic, an independent organization in the U.S., found that patients who underwent ESWL developed diabetes at nearly four-times the rate of those who used therapeutic treatment methods for kidney stones.

Surgical procedures, while effective, come with great risks. In patients who undergo PCNL, 16 out of 100 experience serious side effects almost immediately. Those who undergo PCNL are also at greater risk of developing diabetes mellitus later on down the road.

Dr. Allen explains that surgical procedures and long-term use of medications can cause complications down the road.

Dr. Allen’s kidney stone treatment is a wearable device designed to dissolve stones naturally. It works by improving blood circulation to both kidneys at the same time. Dr. Allen says improved blood circulation addresses the root cause of kidney stone formation.

“Thermobalancing therapy is not only a very effective method of treating kidney stones but also the most harmless and cost-effective treatment option,” says Dr. Simon Allen. “The bills for risky surgical procedures for kidney stones can go above USD 10.000. In contrast, the cost of Dr. Allen’s Device is under USD 200, and this treatment option causes no side effects.”

The device, a class 1 medical device, uses a form of therapy that has been used for more than decade to dissolve kidney stones. Because the device is delivered in a non-sterile condition and does not have a measuring function, it does not require the involvement of a Notified Body. In other words, any person suffering from kidney stones can use the device from the comfort of home.

The results of the treatment have been discussed at conferences worldwide, from Italy to Spain and China.

Speaking at the China Global Health Conference, Dr. Laura from the U.S. said, “Dr. Allen presented a unique effective treatment method for chronic internal conditions and it is very important for people to have it today. In March 2018, I will discuss the use of this therapy at the Nephrology conference in London.”

As part of studies associated with prostate problems, Thermobalancing therapy was used for patients with kidney stones. The results were positive. One participant, who had a 20-year history of kidney stone disease, used the device for seven months and experienced symptom relief after three months of use. An ultrasound showed that a 3-cm kidney stones was dissolved after wearing the device for a full seven months.

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