The Missing Senate Obamacare Vote

Full Vote Muster

A sure sign about final passage of Obamacare: Dems won’t even allow a vote in a Democrat-controlled Senate. Republicans have already voted for a repeal of Obamacare twice in the Republican-controlled House. Unless the Senate agrees with the appeal, it won’t happen.

Most recent economic reports show the economy getting worse, and Obamacare only adds taxes to an overburdened economy. Democrat congressmen still don’t understand that raising taxes on any job creators, makes them much less likely to create any new jobs. Instead of creating jobs, Democrats will be expanding government, increasing governmental dependence and unemployment, and decreasing production and total GDP.

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Obamacare’s Documented Tax Hike

Unfortunately, recent calculations from the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) show insurance provisions of ObamaCare will likely cost taxpayers at least $1,168 billion in the years 2012-2022. The entire Obama plan is [outlined].

Even all Democrats don’t fully support the president’s small business tax hike, per Republican leader Mitch McConnell. How many Democrats support their own party on raising taxes on the American taxpayer?

Many realize if Americans knew of their covert intentions of adding taxes, they’d be tossed out next election. If it came to a full Senate vote, the American public would see who was responsible, which party increased taxes, and which party increased the debt.

Democrats don’t want the American people to actually see where the Democrat-controlled Senate stands on the plan to raise taxes before the election.

A Shield of Vulnerability

Vulnerable Senators are being shielded from a repeal vote on Obamacare. McConnell leads an amendment that will essentially repeal Obamacare (S. 2237; Small Business Jobs and Tax Relief Act), but Reid will not allow it on the Senate floor. If all Senators voted on this measure and possible repeal of Obamacare, Americans would see who is for taxes and is fine with government running the country, and who is for job growth and economy expansion.

The House understands Obamacare isn’t affordable, imposes 21 new taxes, puts healthcare in control of bureaucrats, does not keep patients safe, and certainly doesn’t help the economy.

The Democrat-controlled Senate must ensure a full vote for Obamacare to occur, only when it’s a sure thing to pass. If it is repealed, Obamacare doesn’t pass. If Obamacare doesn’t pass, Obama and the Democrats will lose the presidential election. Election results will be known prior to the election itself.

Likely Obamacare Outcome

All it will take is 5 Democrat Senators to vote to repeal Obamacare, if a full vote is taken. When taken, all voting records will be known. Many Democrats will not want to be on the record as voting for more taxes for the entire world to see. It’s already known Reid’s legislative maneuvering is what got Obamacare passed to begin with.

A vote will likely wound Obamacare irreparably.

At that point, Democrats can say ‘good-by’ to Obama’s re-election.