SWAT Nurses Wanted for Hurricane Areas


At first, I didn’t believe it. The press relase said ‘SWAT Nurses Wanted.”

I just had to call – and yes, it is real!

What an amazing thing to put on your resume or business card!

The company, Southwest SWAT Nurses is a national leader in critical care nursing. They are looking for qualified RNs to respond to affected hospitals in the Hurricane regions.

They have a Rapid Response Division, set up specifically to handle those emergencies where they need qualified staff quickly, to respond to a hospital’s urgent needs.

They are looking specifically for critical care RN’s, who must have current acute care hospital experience. The RNs get the opportunity to enhance their careers, while earning premium wage scales.

This company specializes in the Southwest United States. RNs are assigned and employed under contract, with a 13 Week minimum commitment.

The press release says:

QUALIFICATIONS: RNs only, must have CURRENT acute care hospital experience. All clinical units available.

MINIMUM COMMITMENT: 13 Weeks. RNs with imminent start date/s receive priority.

LICENSE STATUS: Must hold N.L.C./Compact multi-state RN license. (https://www.ncsbn.org/158.htm) or, hold RN license in FL, AL, LA

RN AVAILABILITY STATUS: Imminent – Deployment within 48 – 96 Hours Preferred.

RNs are advised to call immediately for more information.

TOLL FREE: 1-888-SWATICU 1 – 8 8 8 – 7 9 2 – 8 4 2 8


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