Six Ways to Stop Snoring Naturally

Snoring while you sleep can often make you feel embarrassed, especially if you share bed with another person such as your spouse or lover. Therefore, it is to your advantage that you get some of the best snoring remedies to keep the snore away. Read on and learn how you can finally overcome this embarrassing problem.

Change the position you sleep

People who snore often sleep on their back. This position makes it possible for your tongue and the soft palate to collapse at the back of your throat, which in turn causes your throat to send a vibrating sound into the air. To stop the process of snoring, you can change your sleeping position from lying on your back to sleeping on your side. If you find it difficult to sleep on your side, you can use a pillow to assist you. By placing the pillow full length to your back, you can prevent yourself from rolling over, which is one of the best snoring remedies that can help keep the snore away so that you get your zquiet as you sleep.


Lose some pounds

For some people, losing a few extra pounds can help take the snore away. If you were not snoring before you gain extra pounds, then your snoring problem is your being overweight. People whose neck gets a bit fatter usually end up becoming snorers. Therefore, losing weight can do wonders for you while you take your beauty sleep.

Do not drink alcohol

Drinking alcohol can add to your embarrassment while you sleep because alcoholic beverage will cause the muscles in your throat back to decrease. This is especially worse if you drink alcohol just before bedtime.

Remain hydrated

If you go to bed feeling dehydrated, then you are setting up yourself to snore while you sleep. You should drink plenty fluids during the day so that you remain hydrated at all times. When bedtime comes, you can drink a glass or so of water so that you do not drift into dehydration state as you sleep.

Keep nasal passage open

It is important for you to keep your nasal passage open as you sleep. If your nasal passage is blocked then chances are you are bound to start snoring. To keep your nasal passage open, you can take a hot shower just before you go off to bed. Another way to clear the nasal passage is by rinsing the inside of your nose with some salt water. The process of snoring starts from the nose and so you have to keep your nose passage clear at all times during the night.

Get enough sleep

Some people who do not get enough sleep often end up snoring. Working hard during the day can leave you overtired and when it comes time to sleep, you are over exhausted. This sets you up to snore during sleep because tiredness makes the muscles at the back of your throat become weak.

Apply a few of some of the best snoring remedies that can help you rise above snoring as you sleep and you will find that you finally defeat the problem. Your sleep will become so much better in the night and when you awake in the morning, you will feel very rested. Knowing which remedies work from the ones that are cons will greatly help your snoring habit.

Lancelot Tucker is a book author and writer living in Jamaica. He hopes to break into screenwriting someday. He can be found on social media at, and