Sinuous Road of Euthanasia and Suicide

Sometime in the past someone decided to kill off the unwanted, either by request or by mandate. Some believe this is an absolute necessity for any healthy society, especially with skyrocketing populations. They believe the 5th Commandment (Thou Shalt Not Kill) is completely outdated, and no longer applies.

People believe this includes elderly, those with Alzheimer’s, the disabled, and others who may have a shortened, non-productive life. Most Americans have no idea euthanasia is so widespread. It’s occurring daily in the U.S., and continuously worldwide.

Fortunately, there are major medical organizations still espousing the mantra ‘do no harm’.

Euthanasia Coaster at HUMAN+
The 1/500 scale model for the Euthanasia Coaster, a hypothetical roller coaster that kills its passengers, made by Julijonas Urbonas, on display at the Trinity College in Dublin during the HUMAN+ exhibition [16 April 2011].

The World Medical Association’s Declaration on Euthanasia (WMA): “Euthanasia, that is the act of deliberately ending the life of a patient, even at the patient’s own request or at the request of close relatives, is unethical. This does not prevent the physician from respecting the desire of a patient to allow the natural process of death to follow its course in the terminal phase of sickness.”

The next time suicide-pushing organizations pretending the medical world is a euthanasia ‘protagonist’ due to some organizations supporting legalization, show them the WMA statement. The American Medical Association ( AMA’s) is similar: “Euthanasia is fundamentally incompatible with the physician’s role as healer, would be difficult or impossible to control, and would pose serious societal risks.”

We need organizations like WMA and the AMA to continue to refuse this death agenda, and to challenge all other medical organizations to take the same stance. The number of health care professionals making ‘quality of life’ decisions, when someone should continue to receive life sustaining treatment is immense. But it’s usually not the immediate relatives. Shortly, the decision will be out of the hands of concerned relatives all together.

Most don’t even remember 45 years ago, the North Carolina Eugenics Board had sterilized 7,600 people by 1974. As with similar eugenics programs, the NC program tried to serve humanity by sterilizing the deemed ‘unfit’-the poor, the uneducated, and minorities. NC is the first state to provide compensation to victims of a government eugenics program. It’s obvious euthanasia occurred in most states of the union, but NC is the only state saying compensation is owed. In July, NC legislature passed a budget distributing $10 million among the remaining victims of the forcible sterilization policy in NC (1929-1974).

Now, the wave of induced killing is coming faster than expected, and as silently as forced sterilization did.

Predictably, ‘pre-born’ children can now be aborted for convenience, and adults can commit suicide to avoid inconvenience. In Belgium, people are ready to legalize the killing of children to attempt to avoid any ‘suffering’ by the baby, or the parent. This sad news from Belgium reports legislators are likely to approve a measure allowing children, believed to be ‘gravely ill'(?), to be euthanized.

Is Mercy Killing really merciful? Unsurprisingly, the mentality some lives are not worth living has led to many postnatal ‘mercy-killings’, and euthanasia. No murder charges ensue when these situations occur under the guise of ‘assisted suicide.’

Some have the idea a ‘less-than-perfect’ life is so horrible that dying is a better option than living. It is no surprise in the same country where ‘pre-born’ children can be aborted for convenience, and adults can kill themselves to avoid inconvenience, Belgians want to legalize the killing of children to avoid possible suffering.

This fact is easily illustrated by the shockingly high rate (>90%) of abortion following prenatal Down syndrome diagnoses. The usual tragic next step is child euthanasia, may never loosen its fatal grip.

Someone needs to tell these blind ‘pro-euthanasia’ people instead of wild population growth, we will actually see population peak at around seven billion in 2030. Shortly after, it will fall like a rock. All population data can be viewed at UNdata | record view | Total fertility rate (children per woman).

Defusing the Population Bomb | Stephen Moore | Cato Institute … is even more explanatory. The long descent will essentially be within the UN Population Division’s (Nov ’96) “low variant” prediction. The almost unstoppable fall will come directly from all forms of birth control, declining sperm count in males, all abortions, and euthanasia methods.

Because much fewer of us alive today will be alive in 2030, and birth control will be almost unstoppable, continuation of the human race will be very questionable. Of course, most of us now will be dead anyway, so how we will proceed may be moot.