Ritalin Not Safe for Kids Contrary to Recent Study

I read an article in the news today about how a federally funded study found that Ritalin and other similar drugs that millions of children and teens are forced to take to due to alleged hyperactivity and to presumably increase attention do not raise their risk of serious heart problems. The news item, which mentioned no source for the study, relayed false information as if Ritalin and similar drugs are a good thing that pose no danger. Nothing could be further from the truth.

With the news today largely on the internet, fact checking of what is real news and what is not has generally gone out the window. One blog written by a person with no professional accreditation whatsoever may write about something as if they are an authority on a subject or a conveyer of truth about a circumstance. Hours or even minutes later, perceived credible major news sources or blogs simply duplicate the information with no fact checking of their own whatsoever. To say that journalistic standards of truth has declined with the internet is an understatement. Lets look for example a little more closely concerning the real truth about this drug called Ritalin.


As a healthy, normal student in 6th grade with good marks, I recall when a doctor came in with permission slips for parents to sign for their kids to be tested for ADHD. All kids parents I knew of agreed, and myself and many kids I knew were forced at around ten, eleven, and twelve years old to take Ritalin.

I recall countless nights of pleading, screaming, crying, and begging my mother not to force me to take that tiny little white, bitter tasting pill with the cross on it called Ritalin which caused me to have horrific nightmares, tremors, shakes, cold sweats, hallucinations, double and multiple visions, churning stomach aches and pains, head spinning, dizziness, nausea, diarrhea ,vomiting, and waking up shivering in cold sweat soaked sheets night after night. Finally my parents came to their senses and stopped making me take the pill, contrary to doctors demands.

Ritalin is a poison, and diagnosis of attention deficit hyperactive disorder are fraudulent labels of either kids being kids, or some other underlying condition such as improper diet and nutrition. I for example, was allowed to generally eat as much candy, sugar, and have as much caffeinated drinks as I could consume at around this time- which was a lot.

For anyone to tout the benefits of Ritalin and undermine its dangers have not- I’ll bet – taken the poison which is Ritalin. And as a result, any one that advocates Ritalin use are as guilty as the vile people who push it on kids who are at the mercy of adults for their survival. Do you condone Ritalin use? If so, I dare you to take it daily for a month. Tell me how much fun and good it is then after you experience its hell.

Watch this video for further information on ADHD.


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