Review of Nasia Davos Webinar on CBQ Method

This is a critique of the webinar hosted by Nasia Davos, on how to quit smoking with the 4 stages of the CBQ method.

Nasia Davos CBQ Method

I have not found a review or critique of this particular webinar on the internet, so I took the liberty of writing up a new review of Nasia Davos and the CBQ method webinar.

I am a smoker 27 years now, and I am what you would call a proper nicotine addict. I do not wish to quit smoking, but issues with my health have made it urgent to do so.

Despite having tried all stop smoking aids available on the market, I have not been able to quit. After researching and reading quite a lot on the topic, I came to the understanding that smoking is more on the mind.

During my research, I also came across Nasia Davos and the CBQ method to stop smoking that focuses on the mind, or as Nasia Davos says “the mental dependence on smoking.”

Allen Carr

I also came across the late Allen Carr who proclaims the same thing about smoking being on the mind. However, I found The CBQ approach more practical because it was a method with specific stages that seemed easier to do by yourself.

I joined the mailing list of Nasia and Smoking Cessation Formula, and when I was invited to a webinar to learn how to quit smoking with the 4 stages of the CBQ method, I registered for it without knowing what to expect. The thought of not attending crossed my mind several times as I wasn’t sure if it will be worth my time.

Considering that Smoking Cessation Formula sells a stop smoking program, I was wondering if purchasing their premium program was necessary or if the webinar alone would be beneficial.

In the end, and with pressure from my spouse, I attended the webinar and found it to be not only beneficial, but also eye opening.

So here is my review and critique on for the CBQ method webinar.

The CBQ Method – Webinar Review

The first impression you get on the webinar is that there are attendees from various countries and cities globally.

Although Nasia Davos has an accent sounding Greek like or Russian like which is a critique point, her voice was clear, calm and confident.

At the beginning of the webinar, there is some time spent on explaining what to expect from the webinar, why Nasia Davos can help us, what are her credentials, experience, and background. Although it was impressive and gave us a context of what she’ll cover on the webinar, I was eager for her to get started with the meat of the information she was about to share.

Quit Smoking Facts

A few minutes in, Nasia shared some really astounding facts about quitting smoking. I made my own research after the webinar and verified that all the information she shared was accurate and backed by research and solid sources.

Then Nasia Davos gave all the participants on the call a very interesting “challenge” for the duration of the webinar. The challenge was that every time you smoke, you had to note it down. Personally, I was not willing to write down every cigarette I smoked and didn’t do it. I saw in the chat that many others did. At the end, she tells you “what you should pay attention to while quitting, based on what you did on that challenge.”

The 3 Pillars

Then she goes on to introduce the 3 pillars of quitting smoking easily and the right way. Think about them as rules or principles that can make quitting easy regardless of the method you employ to quit smoking.

These 3 pillars were surprisingly useful, they taught me about the psychology of quitting smoking and I couldn’t help but take notes. I will not attempt to recite the pillars and describe them as I can’t do it as effectively as Nasia did on the webinar. For that reason, I find that attending the webinar is worthwhile.

Thanks For Smoking DVD Cover
Thanks For Smoking DVD Cover

CBQ Method

What comes next is the CBQ method. This acronym stands for Cognitive Behavioral Quitting. CBQ is a method Nasia has developed with her team that, according to Wikipedia, is based on CBT (Cognitive Behavior Therapy) and supports the 3 pillars of quitting smoking mentioned earlier.

Although I was introduced to the 4 stages of the CBQ method in Nasia Davos’s TED talk and the foundational video of the CBQ method, which is the video you I received when I joined the email newsletter, the webinar does offer new and actionable information on the 4 stages.


Personally, I find it impossible to stop smoking, but the vast amount of testimonies from ex-smokers who have quit with the CBQ method presented on the webinar made me feel hopeful.

Although I am not ready to stop smoking, I have reviewed the webinar slides that you can get at the end of the webinar, and I have decided that the CBQ method is definitely the approach I will be trying in the upcoming weeks.

To conclude this review, my recommendation is to attend the webinar and take notes. There is no commitment to staying until the end, and you will get information you can’t find elsewhere. The CBQ method is one of the few methods that’s scientific and makes sense.

Nasia Davos CBQ Method smoking artistry. Image by Brigitte from Pixabay
smoking artistry. Image by Brigitte makes custom works from your photos, thanks a lot from Pixabay
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