Photon Energy Impacts Human Affairs

Don’t have enough hours in the day? Feeling tired and exhausted all the time? Having anger come up out of nowhere? Feeling restless and lost? If this is you, and the majority of people are these days, just blame it on a phenomenon called “The Photon Energy.”

Margaret McElroy, an intuitive advisor and business consultant, says that since 1980 this energy has been with us on the earth plane and has been affecting our energy. “People just don’t know about it, nor do they understand its purpose on a metaphysical level,” says Margaret.

Originally from Australia but now living in Seattle, Margaret has an impressive background of experience: magazine columnist, radio show host (she has been featured on many TV and radio shows as well as having her own show), and metaphysical teacher. She currently hosts the radio show “The Sixth Sense” broadcast on WARM FM 106.9 HD3 in Seattle, KCAA 1050 AM in San Bernardino, California and also streamed and archived on and on

Margaret says that the Photon Energy is not going away and will be impacting each and every one of us on many different levels. “Some may be conscious of its effects while others may be completely oblivious of its impact on their life. But make no mistake, everyone will be impacted.”

Margaret will be giving a talk on the Photon Energy on February 23rd at the Maitreya Seattle Learning and Healing Center. She will be discussing what the Photon Energy is, how it is affecting both world events and individual lives, and how people can deal with its effects more comfortably and effectively. “It has an important function on the earth plane at this time, and if people understand what it is and how they can live better with it, they can substantially improve the quality of their lives.” Information on the event can be found on her website,

Margaret’s office is located at 2260 152nd Ave. NE, Redmond, WA 98052. She can be contacted at (888) 644-3263 PST, by fax (888) 643-3593 or by e-mail at [email protected].

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