Opal J. Rieras, Veterans’ Affairs Transition Liason Keeps Families Together

“We come together, we make it happen…”

Opal J. Rieras – Veterans’ Affairs transition liason, Brooke Army Medical Centre, Soldiers’ Angel

Opal J. Rieras handles everything for the Brooke Army Medical Centre patients and their families, from arrival to final disposition. If you meet Opal, you have been injured. As she says, what she does is part of “a collective effort keeping the family together as a unit, worry free…”

She is a Soldiers’ Angel, and draws on the resources available to take care of the wounded and their families at BAMC. From rent, to plane fares, to basic necessities, Opal says to our troops: “I am your strongest advocate. I will take care of you and your family.”

In this video, Opal talks to Talking With Heroes radio show host Bob Calvert, at the Soldiers’ Angels Executive Leadership Conference.


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Ros Prynn
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