On Pink Ribbon: Hormel Foods Donates 1,000 Cancer Carepacks to the Cancer Nutrition Consortium

Breast Cancer Patients To Receive Carepacks From Hormel Foods

Hormel Foods advocates for good causes and donated 1,000 highly-nutritious and ready-to-eat meal Carepacks to the Cancer Nutrition Consortioum (CNC). This initiative came about in recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Breast cancer patients were the recipients of these Carepacks which consists of protein shakes, whey protein supplement packets and a shaker bottle.

Deb DiCarlo, vice president of sales and marketing at Hormel Health Labs confirmed the company’s contribution.

We are proud to continue our partnership with the CNC through this incredible program to enhance the quality of life for people undergoing cancer treatment, and for the loved ones who care for them,” said Ms. DiCarlo.

The free meals were exclusively prepared by Hormel Foods team members as part of their efforts to support breast cancer awareness month.

Hormel Foods supports breast cancer awareness.
A pink ribbon that supports breast cancer awareness.

The Carepacks were both tasty and very nutritious.

Hormel Vital Cuisine™ products were specifically created to deliver quality protein and nutrition to people going through a very difficult time. For someone going through cancer treatment, food not only has to deliver needed nutrition, but it should taste great too,” DiCarlo said.

The Hormel Vital Cuisine™ product line was created by culinary experts and food scientists at Hormel Foods who worked alongside experts from the CNC, including Certified Master Chef Ron DeSantis.

Hormel Foods Corporation is based in Austin, Minnesota, a global branded food company. The company generated more than $9 billion in annual revenues across more than 80 countries worldwide. Its brands include Skippy®, SPAM®, Hormel® Natural Choice®, Applegate®, Justin’s®, Wholly Guacamole®, Hormel® Black Label® plus more than 30 other beloved brands.

The CNC is a not-for-profit organization comprised of nutritionists, dietitians, oncologists and physicians from leading cancer research institutions, along with culinary experts whose mission is to provide nutritional resources and advance cancer treatment research. A portion of the proceeds from sales of Hormel Vital Cuisine™ products benefit the CNC.

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