Open Stage for Saudi Musicians at the German Embassy

Riyadh – An enthusiastic audience of young Saudi musicians, artists and music lovers as well as members of the German and international community gathered in the German Embassy in Riyadh for an Open Stage Night for young Saudi musicians on 22 November.

The first act of the evening was presented by “N to the Bone” a Rock group of young Saudis, the second by “Salman and friends” playing instrumental music.

This was followed by “Khulood and Karim” with a number of cover songs and “Salah,” who took to the stage to delight the audience with skilled instrumental improvisation. On a very different note, “Nawaf and Nourah” and “Le lieu Band” presented a number of Arabic and English songs.

The evening concluded with rock music by “Madani Band” and live improvisation by “Salih and friends.”

Ambassador Jörg Ranau pointed out that with the Open Stage Night, the Embassy seeks to provide a platform for the thriving Saudi music scene. He added that the night brought together promising talent of the Saudi music scene and music enthusiasts from all walks of life.

German Embassy Calls Out To Saudi Musicians

Before the event, the German Embassy sent out a call for participation in the event where as many groups as possible should have the opportunity to present their music, hence the name Open Stage Night.

Bands were assigned a time slot of 15 to 20 minutes each. This made it possible for the audience to listen to very different musical genres during one evening.

young saudi musicians at the German Embassy in Riyadh
Young Saudi musicians onstage in the German Embassy in Riyadh.
saudi musicians at open stage night
Saudi musicians at open stage night.
Open Stage Night for young Saudi musicians
Open Stage Night for young Saudi musicians at the German Embassy
Waqar Naseem Wamiq
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