Just Say No – Why Avoiding Drugs Is A Good Idea

There are many reasons why people start taking drugs. According to the Mayo Clinic, there are certain factors that lead to teen drug abuse. It’s at this time in life that many people get started, and hooked, on drugs.

Of the mentioned precursors to drug abuse are substance abuse in the family history, mental issues or behavioral problems. traumatic events, abuse, self-esteem issues, lack of parental guidance or nurturing, peer influences, and a misconception that using and abusing drugs is actually OK.

This is why it is important for parents to talk to their kids about drugs, and to start early. Be honest with them, and set an example. Even in adulthood, for someone who has never done drugs in the past, that can be tempting at some points in life.

How To Avoid Drugs

It’s important to avoid drug addiction before you even try your first hit, pill, shot, whatever. The reasons why you should nix drugs before you even start will be explained in a bit. Here is how to work towards avoiding the need for them.

Stress is one thing that can lead people to take drugs. However, there are plenty of healthy ways to fight stress, such as meditation and yoga. If you feel depressed, stressed, or anxious, seek therapy. Talk to your doctor about your feelings so you can deal with them before they lead to drug use and addiction.

If substance abuse is prevalent in your family, it helps to be aware of it so you can take precautions for yourself and the rest of your family. Keep prescription drugs that are known to be addicting out of the house and don’t allow other addictive substances in your home.

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Just Say No Avoid Drugs

The Effects Of Drug Addiction

Drug abuse does more than just harm your health and cause you to risk death by overdose on a daily basis. It has side effects that are physical and mental, and it can also completely ruin your life.

Think of all the money wasted on drug abuse. Hundreds and even thousands of dollars. Take some time to look into how much drug addiction costs an individual and compare it to the cost of a new home, new car, or other luxury items.

Health issues are more than just the risk of death. Drug abuse can cause mental and dental issues. It can increase your risk of heart disease, heart attacks, and stroke. Drug abuse can cause blackouts and memory loss as well.

It affects the community and your personal relationships. With drug abuse comes a higher risk of crime in the community. You could lose your family, have your children taken away from you, and worse.

Quitting Is The Hardest Part

Once you are addicted to drugs it’s hard to walk away. Many people end up back in rehab over and over because they relapse when they leave the comfort of those four walls where it is safe and the drugs aren’t available.

It’s a psychological thing, once you’re addicted. You suddenly need that drug more than anything, more than food, and more than people. The hardest part is probably the withdrawal stage.

Anyone who has ever witnessed someone going through withdrawal from drug addiction is likely to want to avoid ever getting started. However, you may also think that it won’t happen to you, you won’t get addicted. However, addiction is simply one “try” away.

On this page you can find information on what it’s like to go through withdrawals. Your entire system has become dependent on that drug, and now you’ve taken it away. It will literally feel as though you are dying, or at least make you wish you were.

Symptoms can include anxiety, vomiting, blackouts, fever, fits of anger, and even sore and aching muscles. Think of it as a really, really bad case of the flu. There are medications that can help fight the effects of withdrawal, but they can only be administered under the care of a professional.

Instead of finding out what it is like to go through withdrawals, avoid even starting on drugs in the first place. No one needs them. Just because someone offers you a joint or a line of coke doesn’t mean you are obligated to do it. Instead, say no and walk away.

It can also help to keep addicts out of your life. Negative influencers only care about harming you, not helping you. They are not your friends, and they will take you down a horrible path that you may never find your way out of.

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