Judge Rotenberg Center Abusing Children in the Name of Psychiatry

Workers at the Judge Rotenberg Center in Massachusetts, which is a place that reportedly claims to rehabilitate those with autism, got busted a number of years ago back in 2006, for its’ workers promoting they held psychology licenses, when in fact they did not. The following names are the wanna’ be psychologists at Judge Rotenberg Center, who promoted themselves illegally as psychologists, and the amount they had to fork over to the State of Massachusetts.

Liars at JRC and the Amount Paid by Judge Rotenberg Center for their Criminal fines of Lying to the State and Public:


Kelly Isley $2,000

Robert Worsham $5,000

James C. Griffin $5,000

Nicholas Lowther $2,000

Andre Vlok $5,000

Nathan Blenkush $2,000

Timothy Paisey $2,000

R. Nicolle Matthews $2,000

Thelmisha Vincent $2,000

Peter Jaberg $2,000

Christine Chiudina $5,000

Rachel Coffin $2,000

Sinead Wood $2,000

Robert Von Heyn $5,000

Yet, like most criminals, their crimes get worse, not less, until they get caught and stopped. And so it is with the criminal, abusive organization known as Judge Rotenberg Center.

As reported by Cathy Gilbertie Knipper, of The Norton Mirror on

April 3rd, 2008, “Norton police arrested a staff member of the Judge Rotenberg Educational Center on Shelley Road Tuesday, April 1st, 2008 on charges of rape and indecent assault and battery.” According to The Norton Mirror, “Police said Elliston Livingstone, (then) 24, of Providence R.I., was charged with one count of rape and one count of indecent assault and battery on a person over 14, for an incident that occurred at the (Judge Rotenberg) Center on March 30th (2008).”

Later, the former director of Judge Rotenberg Educational Center was indicted in connection with destroying evidence in a criminal investigation to conceal his crimes. The notion that the word educational is used in the name of this center of abuse is bad enough- but it gets worse- much worse.

The founder and Executive Director of the Judge Rotenberg Educational Center (JRC) was been indicted on charges of destroying evidence and misleading a witness in connection with a series of events at JRC’s Stoughton facility where two students were injured as a result of improperly administered electric shock treatments, papers reported state wide in Massachusetts, where the Center is located.

Back in May 20, 2011, a special grand jury in Norfolk County returned indictments against that criminal, abusive doctor- Dr. Matthew Israel, on charges of Accessory After the Fact, and Misleading an Investigator or a Witness. At Israel’s arraignment in Norfolk Superior Court, the child abuser entered into a sentencing agreement for pretrial probation. Under terms of his probation, Israel was required to resign from his position as Executive Director of the JRC as of June 1st, 2011, and was also prohibited from working for the JRC or serving as a member of its Board of Directors. The criminal doctor was ordered to serve probation for five years. Should Israel violate the terms of his probation he could be further prosecuted- and potentially be thrown in prison- where he belongs.

As a result of its investigation, the Attorney General’s Office of Massachusetts also entered into a deferred prosecution agreement with the Board of Directors of the JRC to appoint, at the JRC’s expense, an Independent Monitor to review the events that occurred at the Stoughton facility.

“We believe that Dr. Israel created a system and environment at the JRC that failed to prevent a lapse of this magnitude,” said Massachusetts Attorney General Coakley. “Dr. Israel then attempted to destroy evidence of the events and mislead investigators, and that conduct led to his indictments(…) (Today’s) action removes Dr. Israel from the school, and should ensure better protection for students in the future,” stated the Attorney General. Well, unfortunately, that is not the case. The barbaric practices of torture devised by the demented doctor still go on to this day.

Back in August 26, 2007, a series of events occurred at the JRC’s Stoughton facility during which two students received improper skin-shock treatments, resulting in injuries to both students. The events represent a violation even of the torture ward of JRC’s own policies as well as so called treatment plans. After learning that the circumstances surrounding the administration of the skin-shock treatments were improper, some JRC staff got a hint of conscious and glimmer of morality, and notified authorities. An initial investigation was conducted by the Norfolk County District Attorney’s Office and then the matter was turned over to the Attorney General’s Office for investigation.

Students and staff are reportedly always monitored by personnel at JRC’s Digital Video Recording (DVR) Center in Canton through video recording cameras installed throughout residential facilities- where kids are not only tortured, they are spied on 24-7. Thanks to that spying however, the torture leaked. So, during the course of the Attorney General’s investigation, authorities discovered that the events of August 26, 2007, had been recorded through the DVR Center’s video recording system.

Yet, like any criminal trying flee- within days of the event, the dubious Dr. Israel reportedly ordered the recording equipment to be removed from the Stoughton house and secured in the JRC main building. Once at the JRC main building, the recording was shown to state investigators from the Department of Social Services, Disabled Persons Protection Committee, and Early Education and Care. It is further alleged that JRC would not cooperate with investigators during this case. Investigators ordered JRC to save the video.

Authorities then determined that the abusive Dr. Israel instead instructed a JRC employee to destroy the recording. The criminal Dr. Israel lied, and indicated to that employee that the investigation had concluded and that the recording was no longer necessary.

The Judge Rotenberg so called Educational Center is a facility with locations in Stoughton and Canton Massachusetts that purports to treat children and adults with alleged behavioral and mental functioning issues. A key component of the JRC’s regimen of so called treatment and ‘discipline’ is the administration of electronic shocks by JRC staff to the physical body of resident ‘students.’ Child abuser doctor Israel was responsible for many of the treatment programs at the school, including the skin-shock treatments. The skin-shocks are administered by JRC staff using what the abusive doctor calls a “Graduated Electronic Decelerator” (GEDs). Using educational terms of ‘General Education Certificate’ to be replaced with another acronym by the abusive JRC that specifically equates to torture is just a hint at the madness that abounds by the staff and heads of Judge Rotenberg.

The skin-shocks are part of the so called students’ alleged treatment plans and are allegedly designed to deter unwanted behavior such as self-mutilation or aggression. Disgustingly, The JRC has received approval from the court and other state agencies in Massachusetts to commit this torture upon innocent children and young adults. Undoubtedly since the some within the state in this scenario are getting money from the institution itself.

The case was being prosecuted by Assistant Attorney General Glenn Cunha, Deputy Chief of AG Coakley’s Criminal Bureau, and Assistant Attorney General Marina Moriarty of AG Coakley’s Enterprise and Major Crimes Division. It was investigated by Massachusetts State Police assigned to the AG’s Office and investigators from the AG’s Computer Forensics Lab. The Stoughton Police Department also participated in the investigation.

And now, the horror continues, as JRC tortures more children, and more new cases of torture by the child abusers at JRC make far and wide reaching news. At this, according to reporter Amy Willis, a reporter from the Telegraph in the UK, a young African American male named Andre McCollins, from New York, was just eighteen years old when ‘he was strapped face down to a gurney table at the Judge Rotenberg Center in Caton, Massachusetts, after failing to remove his jacket during a so called ‘class.’

The Judge Rotenberg Center, a modern day torture facility operated by psychiatrists in Massachusetts, tried to hide from the public the video footage below that has now been seen by millions on Television and the internet.

In footage of the incident released last year, Andre McCollins is heard screaming with sheer pain and agony, ‘Help me! Help me! Help me!’ He begs, and is writhing in pain as a reported thirty one separate painful jolts of electricity are deliberately shot through his thin body by the disgusting, sadistic abusers at the Judge Rotenberg Center over at least a reported seven-hour period. Demented, evil staff at the school of torture were heard laughing in the background, according to reports. The boy was admitted to a hospital afterwards for pain caused from the electric shock torture.

The young male was reportedly not allowed any water, food or the use of the bathroom, before he was tortured. Such are the tactics of modern day psychiatry and the criminal abusers of Judge Rotenberg Center. Starving children is also a part of their fun and games for their torture sessions that taxpayers foot the bill for in the name of medicine and a so called cure to something.

Just before being forcibly restrained and tied up, Andre McCollins is seen in the video sitting at a desk, remaining motionless as a sadist requests he take off his coat. The abused young person is then thrown to the ground by a first electroshock blast before he is dragged to the table by his abusers and a helmet stuck on his head.

The school of torture, which tried to hide their shameful tactics in court, trying desperately to suppress the video revealing their evil ways, claimed the electric shocks were administered as a so called ‘aversion’ therapy, calling the innocent male an aggressive student who deserved and needed it. Slimy lawyers for the school of torture claimed the shocks were part of routine therapy that was O.K. to do. ‘These are dramatic tapes,’ stated Edward Hinchey, an apologist lawyer for two of the Judge Rotenberg Centers abusers, ‘There’s no question about that,’ the abusers defenders whined, ‘But the treatment plan at the Rotenberg Center, the treatment plan that Andre had in place on October 25th, was followed.’ Right – and so was Hitler’s plans for some time- yet, does a correctly followed plan make a plan right? No!

The victim’s mother Cheryl McCollins, who is suing this hellish institution, said that she had ‘no idea that they tortured children in the school.’ Instead of jail, where the heads of the torture facility belong, they settled out of court and paid an undisclosed sum of money to the mother.

The video was released after a high court judge overturned a previous ruling keeping the footage from being broadcast to the public. Meanwhile, the center remains open to this day, and continues getting paid to torture children. The State of Massachusetts must stop JRC and those who torture children and young adults with electric shock at this hell hole. Considering Massachusetts was also the land where countless women and girls were stripped naked, raped, and brutally tortured during the Middle Ages for being alleged witches, one would hope that the land has wised up some.

While most of America tries to become more civilized, the barbaric deeds of cracked out psychiatrists who seem to get off on shocking little girls, boys, and adults alike is permitted in the land of Massachusetts, unlike any other state which bans physical torture. The rest of the country only allows torture by mind controlling and brain destroying pharmaceutical and psychiatric drugs- those of course, are a little easier to cover up abuses of than a burn mark. Easier that is- until they bring out the body bag for the next big pharma drug victim. Pharmaceutical deaths are in fact, the number one killer in America today.

Now, with the recent wave of JRC’s crimes and torture coming to light, the torture facility has a new head of abuse- a woman named Marie Washington, the new President of Horrors. And, she recently got quoted in a long winded diatribe attempting to justify their abuses, and, got a small handful of quotes from parents who have allegedly praised the facility. Were they paid off? One can only wonder. The school has reportedly raked in over 56 million dollars, and has nearly one thousand employees. According to the so called logic of the parents touted and the JRC, kids need to be shocked with jolts of electricity because if they are not, they will hurt themselves and others. And why does that make sense? Even prisoners who have committed murder that are on death row have better rights than to be tortured while being held captive- just because they hurt themselves or hurt another.

Medieval type lands ruled by despotic dictators chop off a mans’ hand if he steals a loaf of bread. In America, we are more civilized. Or are we? Witness the nightmare that is JRC in the video they fought like mad to keep you from seeing- here below, and ask yourself, would you do this to your child or to a child you know and love? Would you shock your dearest loved one like this?

Shocking kids with electricity is torture, and there is no excuse for it. Anyone that commits this act must be stopped and punished for their crimes. Join us in fighting the abuse of children held captive against their will, and tortured in the name of health. Call JRC and the government of Massachusetts and let them know how you feel and that Judge Rotenberg Center needs shut down now.

Many like you, around the nation are thankfully joining forces to help close this center of abuse, from Occupy JRC groups, to internet groups, and more. Help join the fight for justice. The victims and kids trapped in this system of disgusting abuse need our help now.

Correspondence to the Department of Justice, regarding Judge Rotenberg Center, including the Attorney General, may be sent to:

U.S. Department of Justice

950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW

Washington, DC 20530-0001

And By Phone: Call The Department of Justice at: 202-514-2000

And The Office of the Attorney General, Public Comment Line at: 202-353-1555

Judge Rotenberg Educational Center

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Canton, Massachusetts 02021-2341

Phone: 781-828-2202

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For more information on the truth about psychiatry, visit: www.CCHR.org