Is The Price Right? Making Sense Of CBD Oil Cost

Often times, traditional pain medicines like Advil just don’t do the trick. They may be ineffective in treading our illness, but to make it worse, they also lead to damage to our internal organs and can lead to serious health problems.

In those times, CBD oil starts to look like a feasible option for treating pain and a number of other ailments. A lot of CBD remedies come in at relatively low prices, but there are a number of products that fall at what seem to be high prices.

We’re here to talk a little about the CBD oil cost and what to look out for when buying cannabinol products.

Breakdown of CBD Oil Cost

The reality is that because it is such a new product, CBD oil is relatively unknown to most patients. That seems to be changing, though. This, coupled with the fact that it must be bought over the counter in most cases, leads to the products being overpriced and misunderstood.

Someone might pay double what they need to for a product simply because they don’t understand how it’s different from the other oils on the shelf. Additionally, there aren’t a lot of guidelines for types, dosages, or methods of ingestion.

Because while there are noted benefits to CBD, the appropriate research has not been conducted to allow it to be prescribed liberally by doctors for all of the things it treats. So, we’re usually shooting in the dark when it comes to prices and CBD products.

A mg of CBD oil can range anywhere from 5 cents to 60 cents. There are a couple of reasons that these differences could exist.

Prohibition and Production

One reason for the extremely high prices is the vague legality of CBD. The product isn’t legal in all 50 states because it’s a bi-product of cannabis.

That is when it isn’t derived from hemp. Hemp is legal in all 50 states while marijuana is certainly not. It follows that some CBD products made from hemp may come in at significantly lower costs than those made from cannabis.

The legalities may also make it more difficult to transport the product over state lines, leading to higher costs down the supply chain.

Another thing to consider is that CBD must be extracted and turned into the product that ends up being consumed. It’s a difficult task to isolate the CBD from all other cannabinoids present in cannabis. It’s essential to do so, though.

THC is another cannabinoid in cannabis that is illegal in for more states than CBD is. It is also the element of the drug that leads to people getting “high” and experiencing psychoactive effects.

The strength of the Product

Finally, some products are going to be more expensive simply by nature of them have a higher CBD content. This is natural, just as most beers with higher ABV are more expensive than others.

Make sure to read your labels and get exactly what you pay for, as it’s easy to just grab anything that says “CBD” and hope it’ll do the trick.

If you’re still interested in finding out more about why CBD is so expensive, learn more here.

Interested in the Cannabis Industry?

The CBD oil cost is one of many elements of the cannabis industry. Whether or not you’re a user of cannabis, it’s hard to deny the social and political effect that the substance is having on the United States.

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